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We discussed chapter four today, focusing on our observations of human nature, rituals, and power dynamics.  People were voted off the island, so in today’s fan fiction, due no later than midnight on Thursday, May 25th,  explain how Piggy, James and Geoffrey left the island.

Read chapter five.



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  1. “We should go hunting again,” Jack said, sitting at the shades of the beach sharpening a stick with his knife. “This time with more people. Maybe we will be able to catch something.” All the other kids heard him and started gathering around him. George was the second to speak: “We should all go together as a team,” he said, “because we all need to work hard to receive our meals.” Voices started growing as people discussed hunting strategies. “Bernard would be the most useful, because he knows a lot about animals and how to trick them,” Somebody said. Then a voice replied: “We should spread out to find prey, then when one appears, we surround like a circle then kill it with somebody’s knife!”
    Piggy ran out from the crowd, grabbed the conch-which was almost buried in sand-raised it high in the air and yelled as loud as he could: “I have the conch! I want to speak!”
    Everybody was surprised by his actions. The discussions immediately went quite like a blown candle. Piggy, now out of breath from all the movements, started gasping for breath and could not keep going. This caused an outburst of laughter from his impatient listeners. Somebody said: “What do you want to say? You want us to catch the prey, then spoon feed you after we hunt because your Auntie would do the same?”
    “He has ‘ass-mar’, he can barely walk!” Somebody replied. Piggy ran towards the ocean in shame, still with the conch in his arms.
    In the choruses of laughers, Geoffrey’s voice boomed: “All of you guys are acting like nasty uneducated bullies.” His words temporarily silenced the kids. James joined in and said: “Your parents must be so proud of you guys making fun of a kid who would probably end up making more money than all of you combined.”
    His words stabbed the others harder than they had stabbed Piggy. There immediately came an outburst. Sam said furiously: “What stupidity! I can say whatever I want! And by the way, my dad is the Duke of Oxfordshire when both parents of that fat kid died!” Owen screamed with him: “How about you three get out of our way and live by yourselves on the other end of the island! Go get married or something! Since you three obviously love each other!” This caused everybody to scream and laugh together, all except for Piggy, James and Geoffrey. The three boys left the beach.
    “Thanks for standing up for me,” Piggy said, still shaking from exhaustion.
    “Don’t worry, karma is gonna get to these boys.” James said.
    It took them few hours to walk to the other side of the island. They saw a boat resting next to the beach. Joyful and exhausted, they ran towards the first artificial creation they have seen for days. A man walked out of the boat, he was first shocked to see them, which made the three kids feel embarrassed because they looked like wild monkeys after not bathing nor changing for days. But he took them in and gave them food and clean clothes. He said he was searching for the kids from the plane crash. He asked the three boys of any other kids were on the island, Piggy wanted to speak out but Geoffrey interrupted him: “ There are nobody on the island, we were the only ones.” He said. So the boat took off.

    • Wow! Karma, indeed. I’m glad James and Piggy got a happy ending.

  2. I ran as fast as I could. And I felt the hot sand between my toes. I ran really long, until I saw the fire and the smoke coming closer. My muscles burned. But I kept running. When I was close enough to see the details of the scene at the fire, I saw 4 boys running in my direction. They had black faces because of the smut of the fire. Two of the boys waved their arms and one of thrm screamed at me: “We need help! There are people in the fire!” When I heard this, I ran even faster. When I stood infront of the boys, I said: “I need you to help me saving the others. How many are in the fire?” “2” was the answer of a boy with black hair and brown eyes. He was the tallest of the boys. I looked at a boy with brown hair and blue eyes. He wasn’t wearing a shirt and you could see his six pack. I said to him “Come with me. And you too.” I pointed with my finger on the boy with the black hair. Than we started running to the fire. Upon arrival we covered our mouthes and noses with our hands and shirts. Than I saw a boy on the ground. I called the two boys to me and pointed at zhe boy on the floor. In the same moment they started carrying the boy, on their shoulders, out of the fire. I couldn’t see really well because of the smoke and mx eyes were burning. But than I saw an other boy sitting on the ground, covering his mouth and nose with his shirt. I helped him up from the ground and he laiwd his right arm around my neck. His left leg was bleeding. We hobbeled out of the fire as fast as we could. When we were out of the fire, the other boys ran to us to help the boy with the broken leg. When everybody was safe, the boy with the broken leg started crying quietly. “Thank you! I think you safed our lifes. Without you those two boys would be dead now.” The boy with the black hair said. “I’m Jack.” He said after a little break. “My name is Robert” the boy with the broken leg said. “And I’m Aldous” said the boy without a shirt. “And this is George” he said pointing, on the unconscious boy. “And those are Edward and Percival and you are?” “I’m Lewis” I said. Than Robert groaned of pain. “We need to help him” Edward said. “We can bring him to the other boys.” I answered. “There are more survivors on the island?” He asked. “Yes. We build a camp on the top of that mountain” I said, pointing on the mountain. “How can you know we are on an island?” “We walked one time around the island. We followed the beach. And than we found each other. We thought if ther would be more survivors, we would find them on the beach.” Percival answered. Than we started walking. Jack and Percival carried George on their shoulders and Edward helped Robert walking. Aldous and I walked infront of them.
    When we arrived at the camp, it was already dark. Sam who is goid in biology, did in the past a first aid course, so he knew what to do with Roberts leg. We brought him in one of the tents. George we put in the same tent. We took Bernard shirt and put it in could water. Than we laied the shirt on Georges forehead.
    When the injurged persons were vet, we all weng to our tents and felt asleep.

    • What happens to the boys “voted off” the island?

  3. Jack sat on the tree log, chewing through his meat with excessive pride. “You all clearly are not grateful for what I’ve done.” He continued to devour his feast while shaking his head for the lack of appreciation from everybody. Although we were all content from how much our hunger had been satisfied there was a palpable uneasiness. It was especially worsened by Piggy’s lonely hangout a few feet away from us, with his head kept down and repeatedly circling around on the sand.
    “Hey Piggy, come here and join us!” Aldous gestured grandly to the meat. Jack shot him an abrupt glare. “What do you think you’re doing?”
    “Oh I just thought-”
    “You thought what? That I would share it with everyone?” Aldous looked away into the distance. The rest of the group awkwardly stared in every other possible direction but at Jack, obviously aware of the growing tension. “First you scold me, now you’re sharing something of mine without permission. Let me tell you guys something” Jack took an intimidating step towards the group. “I caught the pig. And I decide who can eat it.” He looked over at Piggy and smirked ever so slightly, acknowledging his suffering.
    “Jack come on, I feel bad for the kid. I mean, look at him.” Percival pleaded. Piggy pretended to be fascinated with a shell he picked up off the ground, so as not to hear any mock sympathy from anyone. Jack feigned pity and dramatically placed a hand over his chest. He then laughed. “Sorry, but nope!”
    “Well I guess thanks for the meat, Jack, but you don’t need to be so rude to people.” Wilfred said quietly, but firmly. And that was all it took to trigger a spark between Jack and the others. Things went haywire. I felt uncomfortable simply watching them physically bash at each other. Yet I also felt compelled to try and break them up. The tension drew me in like two magnets oppositely attracted to each other. “Okay guys stop! Stop! That’s enough!” I blindly stepped in and held Jack and Wilfred’s arm apart. Before I could utter anything, both twisted out of my grip and dashed off into the forest pursuing one another, with the others trailing behind. I released a heavy sigh and followed the group as well. We had been running for what felt like at least half an hour, with occasional stopping and going with the people catching up to and beating each other. Suddenly, there were a couple screams followed by a small groan. Percival and Edward and I exchanged worried glances, then hurriedly ran over to examine. We skidded to a halt instantaneously. There was a massive vertical drop down a hill to what looked like a deep fast flowing river with tall trees surrounding it. Percival gasped. “Guys are you okay? We’ll get you out from there, don’t worry!” Edward and I desperately looked around for any resources of help. Jack simply stood and watched the three boys stranded down there, helpless. “Please help me..I don’t want to die!” Piggy started sobbing. We all shouted back reassurances.
    Noon and evening had passed by, with only hours left until night time, and we still could not find any effective way to haul the boys up that mountain to safety. Then I had an idea of making a rope with tying various branches together with our clothes. I nearly dashed off to find materials when a hand grabbed my wrist. “Don’t. There’s nothing we can do anymore.” Surprisingly, Jack was sympathetic. “But..Ralph has an idea!” Edward claimed.
    Jack looked deprived of hope. “No. There’s no way to save them.” A pause. “Come on, let’s go.” It took all his strength to push us around the other direction. Down the hill, the three boys’ continuous cries of help pained my heart. We reluctantly started walking back. A teardrop leaked from Percival’s eye. “Don’t turn around” Jack stated. “Just keep walking. Whatever happens to them…” He sighed in sorrow. “We were never there to see.”

    • Wow!

  4. As the group of us gather around the large fire, my instinct tells me something isn’t right. The faces of my colleagues are of that I’ve never seen before. Its obvious to me that theres an “elephant in the room”, and it seems as if i am the only one to notice it. I stare at the fire, trying to contemplate the current situation, as well as my entire life. “Please…please excuse me” the little blond boy Charles says, stuttering. “You mean excuse us” says Bernard and Sam at the same time without hesitation. The remainders of the group begin to follow the domino effect, all with there own excuses, all but myself, Piggy, and Geoffrey. I look toward Piggy on my right as i catch him staring at me with a nervous look on his face. He just shakes his head. I look toward Geoffrey, who begins to tear up as if he knows whats happening. About an hour later, the group all come back together, like a wolf pack. Sam puts one hand on my left shoulder, firmly. “We’ll talk first thing tomorrow” he says, “All damn three of you”. I immediately go under my part of the camp ground, falling down to the wet sand like its a feathered mattress, immediately falling asleep. I wake up to the unpleasant sound of many people around me. I try to get up off the ground but i can’t. I look to my sides and see bark strapped to both my arms tightly as well as my legs and neck. I look up and I see 4 colleagues around me. “Rise and shine” says Sam with an evil look on his face. “This is what you get for trying to take leadership of my island. You’re useless anyway” he goes on. “Where are you taking me?” I ask quickly. “To where you belong” he replies. “But don’t worry, you’re not alone” he continues. I move my strained neck to the right, peeking through the small gap between Sam and Bernard. I see Piggy and Geoffrey. Piggy looks back and begins to squeal for his life. I see Geoffrey with the helpless look in his sparkling blue eyes, getting dropped into the freezing ocean, still strapped. I know what awaits me at this point.

    • Sinister!

  5. A month passed since we landed on this deserted island. We made rules and roles because in order to survive, we had to be civilized even though there are no grown ups here. We all agreed on helping each other until somebody comes for a help and let us get out of this island. However, two boys were not happy with this idea.
    Geoffrey and James, build a boat secretly and left the island early morning. They told Piggy weeks ago that they were planning to leave the island as soon as the boat is ready. Piggy told the boys: “You guys should not be leaving without telling them!! What if you don’t make it? What if a huge storm hits your boat? What if…? ” But James interrupts promptly:”I know! We know we might not gonna make it, but we’d rather take the risk if we were to wait forever and die on this island! And I know others are going to stop us. But we’re not gonna spend time to build boats for all of us. I just cannot wait anymore! Nobody knows us we are here and nobody is coming to help us! We waited enough, didn’t we? All you need to do is to tell them that we left later so that they won’t waste time looking for us. Now, if you let them know that we are leaving before we leave, you are gonna have to pay for the price! ” Piggy nodded silently in watery eyes.
    A few days later, Piggy woke up in the morning, found out that James and Geoffrey’s boat was gone, he went up the mountain where everyone was having fresh fruits for breakfast, he told everyone what happened to the boys. Everyone was shocked. Everyone started yelling at him and blaming on him for not stopping them or letting others know instead of blaming on the two boys.Just because they were jealous of those two boys and none of them were brave enough to leave the island. They were mad not just because they feel betrayed, but they are tired of survival and they want to get out of the island as soon as possible. Every single one of them yelled at Piggy, pushed him to the ground and kicked him. Piggy was crying. None of them stopped when the crowd reached to the cliff of the mountain. All of the sudden, Piggy fell off the cliff when somebody pushed him harder and his body hit the rock all the way down the cliff with a thud. None of them moved. They killed him.

  6. “I’m sick of eating berries! I want some real meat!” shouted Geoffrey.
    “Now you shut up!” shouted George.
    “The last time we tried to catch ‘un, you didn’t help a whole lot and now you’re complainin’? Bullshit Geoffrey.” exclaimed Bernard as he stood up and jostled Geoffrey.
    “Stop it, boys! We aren’t in our lil’ Eaton playgrounds anymore. In this Island, we have to face life and death as men, not as weak lil’ things.” said Lewis.
    Lewis, as from the military, is trained to survive and is experienced being under pressure. But for me and the others, we have no training to overcome death.
    What do I do to overcome death when it knocks on my door? I had no idea and Lewis said it was tiresome to explain to about the 20 of us.
    “Since you guys have trouble catching a wild boar, how ’bout we try to fish?” said Lewis.
    Eric stood forward and claimed that in his time at Eaton, his hobby was to carve wood and that he probably has the most experience in carving sticks to catch fishes.
    “Now that’s some good contribution Eric. Unlike u lil’ whiny kid.” said Bernard to Eric as Bernard insulted Geoffrey.

    Eric separated us into groups that were respectively given different tasks, one to collect certain kinds of branches and another to learn how to carve. I didn’t have a knife so I was employed to collect branches and amusingly, there were some branches that were unsuitable for catching fish and some that were. Little did I know.
    I proceeded to collect branches with Owen and the others, meanwhile enjoying the breeze that created the hustling sound from the dry leaves on the forest bed. We all have had a hard time surviving and even in our sleep, we weren’t fully relaxed. We have always feared the dark, death and everything. The relaxing hustling sound and the cool breeze made me nostalgic. It brought me back to the time I was laying on the grass bed along with Owen. Those were really the good days.

    “Hurry up boys. We ain’t got all day,” exclaimed Lewis.
    It didn’t take us long before we got into the habit of carving wood. It wasn’t all that hard but it was tricky. Getting all bruised and blistered and splintered wasn’t that an ease of heart. It wasn’t long before several of us bled at our hands.
    “This amount of wood should be sufficient for today’s fish. Good work all.” Eric proudly spoke.
    “Those of you that aren’t bleeding, come with me and I’ll teach you a trick or two about catching fish.” said Aldous, with the experience of hunting in hand.

    A whole lot of us came along. The big ones came along. Lewis, Bernard, Geoffrey, Jack, George, James, Piggy and me. Others were dead tired or were bleeding.
    Soon enough, fishing came as a habit. We caught so much fish that could’ve fed us for at least a week. Lewis signalled us to leave the water.

    “Where is Geoffrey?” James nervously spoke.
    “Geoffrey! Geoffrey! Where are you??” shouted everyone as their voices overlapped.
    I couldn’t hear myself shout. The beach was hectic. The beach that was once joyful was interrupted by the shouts of the boys. Everyone was in the water looking for Geoffrey. As I searched high and low, I see blood spilling into the clear sea water.

    “No. This can’t be it. No.” I thought to myself.
    I froze. I have never seen so much blood in my life. Death was so near me. Then I see the body of Geoffrey. Unconscious. Pale. Near death.

    George found me and brought me back to the sands and meanwhile was calling the others to carry Geoffrey back onto the sand bed too. As I was laying fearing blood, it was soon identified that he was bleeding excessively on his right calve. I hear Lewis exclaim that Geoffrey might have caught onto a sharp coral while fishing and fell unconscious. George stood up and started walking around fidgeting. He started to realise that the number of boys that came out to fish has decreased. “Where are James and another boy..Piggy?? Has anyone seen them?” said George as he nervously walked around.
    “The last time I saw James, he was looking for Geoffrey..” said Bernard.

  7. The sunrise as usual woke me up with its greeting of light. The switch from the complete darkness of the island to the beautiful sunrise, however pleasant, would soon transform into the blistering hot menace in the next couple hours. My skin, still red and peeling from yesterday still hurt. I brought myself up and made my way to the shade under the palm trees, and then started the trek to the lagoon as I do every morning. As I approached the lagoon, the soft scent of tobacco loomed in the air, instantly signalling Geoffrey’s presence. Upon arrival, the scene that befell my eyes horrified me : 2 older boys with their clothes teared up, showered with blood. One of the boys, James I presume, sat on the ground, hunching over, lifeless, as if he was mauled out by a ferocious lion. They other boy Geoffrey, still had a cigarette lit in his hand, but seemed to be on the edge of death. I quickly ran over to him, hoping that he would survive, but even I knew that on this wretched island, there was no way he was going to survive. “Geoffrey!” I exclaimed “what happened?” He sat there staring off into the distance, his life hanging on a thread. He lifted his cigarette to his mouth. “The … pigs …” He managed to whisper before bringing the cigarette into mouth and taking the last breath of his life. The cigarette fell out of his mouth into the sand, and burnt out, just like Geoffrey himself. I left the scene in a hurry, running back to camp to tell the boys, not wanting the same fate for them.

  8. Another sunny day in the Island. Jack asked me Are they making a hammock? I am seeing this 14 years old name Owen Making a hammock I asked him why? He replied to me ” I just wanna relax and watch people hunt for foods. All of a sudden I hear a wood chopping and I saw a guy who has a lot of branches and I walk towards him and his name was William Poppy He had a compass on his pocket and also I asked him Why did you get a lot of branches? He replied “Im trying to build something to get more fishes out there” I replied to him How do you know if there is anything out there? He replied to me back. I’m pretty sure there is something out there other than some island”!!!
    I was shocked that he answer me.
    However there is a person coming to bring a rope around the branch and his name was Henry he had a pocket knife on his pocket he is cutting the branch and he was telling a story how his parent was super wealthy and he only gave him a pocket knife. ” William Laugh”

    However Geoffrey and James and Piggy wanted to come explore with them through out the sea and We asked them why? ‘ One of them replied” I want to make sure there still something out there”
    ” I said alright”

    When they finish building their transportion ” Boat” I asked them if I can come but they said It’s already full with Geoffrey and James and Piggy.
    I asked Henry there is something suspicous about this.
    Yeah I think so.

    It was almost sunset and Henry told me to climb this tree and he made a tree house and we invited some of the people his name is James and Simon. Simon is saying ” Look at them leaving and I am worried a bout them because they are leaving in the night and there is no sun and no vision he said. Henry said “They”ll be fine. But the second I hear a huge sounds there was a fire in the boat and I told simon and everyone to hurry up and rescue while we were going down the boat was moving quiet quickly

    I hope they are safe “Everyone Said”

  9. The boys around me had began packing up all their supplies with mediocre speed in the groups that I had assigned them. I tried to make them as balanced as I could, giving each group an equal amount of stocky, athletic boys and “weak links”. The camp we had set up near the fruit trees had become less and less useful due to our puberty-fueled hunger driving us to eat more than we should.
    The group I had assigned for myself had me paired up with Piggy, Geoffrey, and James. We were to attempt to catch any meat around the island for protein that our bodies desperately needed, especially considering how quite a large portion of us were incredibly muscular (Side note: I like almost the whole class made their person insanely jock-like, yet smart).
    “Well, I’ve got to say, this is by far the worst bow I’ve ever used, yet the most important” I exclaim.
    In my right hand I held a makeshift bow crafted from a twig and one of my shoelaces. James and Piggy were to act as scouts due to their lack of experience in sport. The four of us stood in the middle of a forest, about a minute away from the campsite. The members were to call upon us when they were ready to leave.
    “Bollocks! We’ve been stuck on this heap of land for weeks and haven’t gotten a single piece of meat; what makes you think we’ll get any now?” questioned Geoffrey.
    “Hush! I-I think I hear something” whispered Piggy.
    “It sounds like it’s about the size of a dog, like, a big dog.” muttered James.
    “You’re not helping, airhead” Geoffrey remarked.
    I draw my bow using one of five sticks as an arrow and point it at an opening between bushes. The lace had been tied far too tight and caused fatigue to occur quicker than it otherwise would have.
    Without warning, Piggy pushes me aside causing me to release my arrow in the process. I brush myself off and turn to question his actions, however am instead confronted with an average sized wolf chewing on a small part of Piggy’s flesh. The three of us run as fast as we can about 40 meters away from the wolf. I redraw my bow using another stick.
    “What do we do, if we go back to the camp we might endanger the whole group! Power in numbers only matters if we’re actually willing to fight!” Geoffrey remarks.
    “Run; run as fast as you possibly can back to the campsite.” I ordered.
    We all sprint towards the fruit trees with somehow even more sweat building up. However, what we previously thought wouldn’t hurt us would become a terrible mistake. Another smaller wolf had picked up on our scent and began chasing us. I hear Geoffrey scream in breathtaking pain alongside the sound of his knife hitting the floor. James and I continue running.
    “This way, it’s this way!” yells James.
    “What are you talking about?! We came from here! Do you not see the path?” I reply
    “Believe me or not, I’m going this way to safety!”
    James made a hard right and turned into the forest. twenty seconds pass and I meet up with our group.
    “Lads, James- James made a wrong turn and now he’s sprinting in the wrong direction!” I yell.
    “What about the others? Piggy? Geoffrey?” asked Henry.
    “…I’ll tell you on the way to our next campsite”.

    • Good job! You’re picking up on the language! (Bollocks!)

  10. A violent windstorm came by, making the trees move back and forth vigorously. Luckily, after searching for proper shelter, we settled at a small cavern area close to the bottom of the mountains. It has been a few days since I remembered crawling myself to shore. At least I knew my friends Robert and Edward were safe after our encounter with each other a day ago. Along the way, we ran into other boys, Owen, Piggy, William, Ralph, James,Henry, and Simon.

    “I’m starving. I need a real meal. We haven’t had a real meal in a day. I’ve been feeding off berries and nuts I don’t think I can take it anymore,” whined Charles.
    “The wind is so strong, I’m not sure when we can go look for food right now,” I said.
    In the corner spoke a voice, “ I’ll go hunt for food,”
    It was James, one of the boys I met a day ago, who never really spoke up.
    “You shouldn’t! The wind is much too dangerous, with dust flying everywhere!” Robert exclaimed.
    “We should really do something though. If nobody looks for real food now, then we won’t have the energy to function for later and soon we will be all be done for.” Geoffrey said. “Let us be honest, boys, who’s starving they just might pass out?”
    A couple boys slowly and timidly raised their hands.
    “See. Look if it’s too dangerous for James to go alone, I’ll come along. It won’t be too long.”
    With that, Geoffrey and James went out the cavern, walking slowly as their bodies walked against the wind.

    With time came no return of James and Geoffrey. The storm seemed to be only getting worse and worse. Soon, rain was starting to fall, with lightning flashing nearby. We all huddled together in the cavern. Although not the smartest idea as germs easily would get spread, this was the only option we had. It was nice as our body heat gave each other warmth.
    “Help!” a small voice cried out.
    “You guys, get Piggy some water! He doesn’t look too good!” Ralph said.
    Henry handed Piggy water from a coconut shell.
    “I can’t drink it. I can’t do this anymore.” Piggy said with exhaustion.
    “No Piggy, fight through this!” shouted Ralph. “We’re hunting for food right now! Just wait! Please!”
    “Doesn’t guarantee that we are going to get food. Look, I suffered enough already. I don’t have the mentality to keep up with anything. I’m just going to close my eyes for a little bit.” Piggy closed his eyes but with that, he stopped breathing.

    “Quick, look for James and Geoffrey. Shouldn’t have they returned by now? Food or not?” Owen said.
    “I’ll go look,” Simon exclaimed , dashing out the cavern.
    Lewis shouted,” Wait it’s too dangero-” within moments, a big shriek came from Simon.
    I rushed out running to the sound of his cry. “SIMON! Where are you!”
    I looked in front of me, there laid Geoffrey and James surrounded by a pool of blood, a tree crushing their backs.
    “It can’t be,” I cried.

  11. As the clouds began to hide away the sun, I was walking around the island to get a better feel of what is here. I was that I was around the area of the great view of the ocean near the cliff. A place I know I can come to just get away of the others.

    I came acorss James yelling at Piggy, “What did you!” James shouted “I didn’t mean do anything…it just slipped.” Piggy explain “No! My pocket watch just slipped out of your hands, you let it fall, you were jealous because you don’t have anything important to you! Why did you have to take that away from me!” he screamed.

    As I walked closer, I saw Geoffrey running towards the two, trying to calm down James. It looked like it wasn’t helping, James started to push Piggy and then Geoffrey. James got out of hand and punch Piggy in the face, Geoffrey pulled him back but then James moved all his anger at Geoffrey. James slowly walked to Geoffrey and he slowly walked back, “Why are you trying to stop me! You know nothing!” James cried “I’m trying to help.” Geoffrey said kindly. Nothing what he was saying was helping, James just got worse.

    They were really close to the cliff. I started to run to them, “James stop!” I called, but it was too late, he was gone. I walked near the edgy of the cliff to see what was at the bottom. Sharp rocks and harsh waves slamed against the side of the island. As I looked back James was taken away, but pass that, there was a crowd of people where James punch Piggy. I worked my way to the front of the group and there I saw Piggy lying there not moving. When he was punch I guess he fell on the the log, but the one log had something poking out of it, and it went throw Piggy.
    Later that evening James was kicked off the island and no one was ever allow to speak of the was the the two boys.

  12. At the crack of dawn, Jack’s eyes snapped open wide; he was ready, ready to slay another boar. He rose onto his feet and ran to where Ralph was sound asleep. The red-haired boy snatched up the conch from Ralph’s side. He cocked back his head and blew into the conch with all his might.
    The boys grimly woke up. Ralph jumped to his feet and took back the conch.
    “Why do you have the conch!? Who said you could take that from me? I am the leader! Stay away from the conch and go about your own work.”
    “Why, we need to start getting ready for today’s hunt! I-I-I’ll get the twins to get the pink clay ready. And, and we’ll start up the fire up at the mountain. All the rest of you can gather your sticks, grab a branch! We will meet up at the mountain and begin the day with a prayer. Let’s gather around the fire and beat the evil spirits from the ground. Luck and sate will be on our way today!
    The boys, still sleepy, moved about the forest groggily like tired yet lost ants, to find their own branches as Jack had wanted them to.

    They were all up at the mountain top by now. Simon and Henry had piled up fruits for breakfast in the middle of the circle. No one had dared to touch the fruit yet, not a finger, not until the ceremony was over. There was an air of community and empowerment. They chanted loudly “We want meat! Let them bleed! We want meat! Let them bleed!”. In unison, the beat of their chant was emphasized by the forceful drive of each stick in the solid soil and the authoritative stomp of each foot.
    They were imitating the actions that happened yesterday when they killed their very first pig. Jack, Roger, Geoffrey and James were leading the chant in the middle of the circle. In the tone of the moment, Jack broke off the crown of a pineapple and held it to the top of his head. He was jumping, dancing with his body bent back and then bent over and back and down again, his chin hovering just above the hard soil. He played the role of the pig, running about the circle with the crown still atop his head.
    With everyone dancing about, in the joy of the moment, Jack started charging at people, head first like a wild boar. In a flash, Piggy, Geoffrey and James were lying on the ground. They were bleeding in the chest, right above the heart. All chanting had ceased and everyone looked at the victims in horror. Jack had lost it. He had killed three people with the deadly crown he wore on his head.

  13. Its another day on the island. The sky looks clear, and there is a nice breeze in the air. As I woke up I look to my right and notice some of the guys talking to each other and others are still asleep. I got up and started heading towards the guys who are awake but, I stop in my tracks. I just realized something. There is way too many of us now on this island. I’m really concerned just because there might not be enough food and space for all of us. I continued to walk to the guys who are already awake. Piggy saw me and greeted me with a “good morning george!” The rest followed him. The funny thing is, Jack actually brought the same thing I was thinking about a while ago. How there is way too many of us now on this island. He suggested everyone was actually awake that “we need to vote a few people off this island. And like right now.” I looked at everyone and they were all in shock. The others still haven’t awoken yet either. I don’t know how were supposed to vote people off when not everyone can vote right now. Then out of no where, Robert came up with a wild idea. He told all who is awake “How about we vote right now and put the people we voted on to a raft and drift them away on the ocean.” And so most of us weirdly agreed to this. And so, all of us voted. We all agreed on voting two people. Most of us voted Geoffrey and James. I didn’t understand why and I felt weird not asking. I told myself I would ask some other time. I felt bad as I voted but I didn’t vote for those two. As we were quietly putting them onto a raft someone spoke up. It was Piggy. He told us something no one would believe when he said. “Guys. I will be going with these two” said Piggy to all of us. Robert didn’t understand why he told us this and asked why is he doing. He spoke up and said, “Well one of us has to tell these guys why they are on a raft in the middle of the ocean with little to nothing of food and fresh water.” Weirdly I was okay with his decision and that meant there would be more space on the island. We said our goodbye to Piggy and told him to tell James and Geoffrey that we meant no harm. We told him to tell them and we needed more space and to use less resources on this island. And so, we helped Piggy pushed the raft quietly and they sailed off into the sunset. I really hope they’ll be okay. But I didn’t want to worry about them too much.

  14. I ran as fast as I could towards the source of the smoke, hoping that nobody got seriously hurt or burned. When I got back to camp, I found that there were ashes everywhere; the six tents made of wood all burnt to the ground.

    While investigating the campsite for casualties, I had found none, perhaps I saw this morning who were sleeping had woke up before the fire did any serious damage to the wooden tents. I saw a couple of cigarettes on the ground, however, while I was investigating one of the tents which wasn’t burnt as badly as the others. There was only one person who had cigarettes on this island, and it was Geoffrey.

    The last thing I could remember before going off to sleep yesturday was meeting Wilfred and Bernard who saw the smoke from our previous fire and how I was introduced by Sam to the campsite and the other survivors.

    Eric and Geoffrey were close friends, they often went to gather berries for food with each other. Geoffrey was kind; I’d surprise me if he was the culprit for burning down the campsite. But after all, the evidence leads up to it: The cigarette on the ground, and I still remember how Geoffrey was the only one who stayed up at night beside the campfire saying that he “wanted to pay attention this night to the fire.” I could only guess, that there was someone else who made him do all this, and I have to get to the bottom of this malicious crime.

    I left the campsite without turning back and decided to explore around for a bit, while pondering over who would have made Geoffrey do such a thing when I heard someone talking behind a couple of trees not to far away from where I was currently standing. I peered over, keeping my cover from behind one of the trees. I could see two boys talking to each other, and I noticed that one of the boys brown hair and nice blue eyes, and came to the conclusion that he was none other than Geoffrey.
    “I applaud you for not holding back against the deal you made with me.” said the other boy who I’ve never seen before.

    “James, don’t get me wrong, I feel guilty for what I’ve done. I was reluctant at first.” replied Geoffrey.

    “What’s done is done, there’s no going back now. Remember how I saved you from the cash? You were all alone, and helped nursed you back to health. I just wanted to confirm that the others were dead and the whole campsite was burned down. I’ve got what I wanted, so you can go whereever you want now.”

    “But where would I go? Even if I found even more survivors, they would hate me if they found out about how I burned down the campsite. Why did you want me to do this anyway? You could’ve joined us and worked with us as part of a team to survive on this island.”

    “One of the boys at your campsite, namely Sam, often bullied me back at Eton, I wanted to pay him back now. I didn’t want to cause a commotion for the others at the campsite about. I’m not saying anything more, now just go whereever you like, I could care less about your well-being now that I’ve gotten what I’ve wanted.”

    I couldn’t believe what I’ve just heard! So, it was Sam who was the mastermind behind all of this. When the two boys had split paths, I met up with Geoffrey… the two of us stared at each other for a moment and he spoke:
    “You heard our conversation, didn’t you? You weren’t here when I set the camp on fire.”

    “I was off at the beach collecting collecting some stones for the fire when I saw smoke on the other side of the island. Geoffrey… did you really do all of this?”

    “I had little to no choice. James had done so much for me ever since the crash on this island. I died if it weren’t for him. But don’t worry, I haven’t lost my mind yet; the others are still alive.”

    “Really?! Where are they? They’re right behind you.”

    I turned around and saw a bunch of eyes peering from behind the trees. There was Charles, Wilfred, Bernard and Eric.
    There was also one more person which I remember seeing before. I think his name was Piggy.

    For the rest of the night, we built a fire and had a bit of a talk over what had happened the past night.
    “That James kid is messed up. To think he would make you do all this just to get revenge on Sam.” said Eric.

    “We better keep an eye out; can’t have anymore of this stuff happen if we want to survive. Glad you warned us about all of his, Geoffrey.” said Wilfred.

    “Yeah, you’re welcome. After all, I’m not sure if I can even live with this kind of guilt weighed upon me.” replied Geoffrey.

    “You should’ve just ran off. Just from hearing your story, I can already tell this isn’t going to end well.” said Piggy.

    “I already told you that I had no choice. He had done so much for me since the place crash.” replied Geoffrey.

    “Yes, but even so, you should’ve refused to do his bidding. I’m glad we’re still alive and all, but, all our belongings and shelter are gone now.” said Piggy.

    “I feel as if I ought to make him realize what he’s done.” said Geoffrey.

    “You’re going to track him down and finish this once and for all?” I asked.

    “Yeah. You guys probably wouldn’t want me to be anywhere near you after all this, anyways.”

    “I’m going to go with Geoffrey. Might as well go and see if there are any other survivors out there.” said Piggy.

    “Me too” I said.

    “We’ll be staying behind. Me, Bernard and Sam don’t want to get involved anymore in any of this. Once you’re done, I’m sure we will probably meet up again soon.” said Wilfred.

    “It’s decided then, we’ll get ready to say our partings in a bit.” I said.

    “Go give him what he deserves!” shouted Sam.

    It was decided, then. After some goodbyes, we parted from the others. Me, Piggy and Geoffrey setoff to find James and get to the bottom of this.

  15. *going off Trevor’s story (kind of) except from Eric’s point of view*

    It had been a restless sleep that night. The hot humid air seemed to suffocated me at times, and every little sound would irritate me. But most of all I was worried about our new larger group. What would we do for resources? It was true that George’s group had their perks like the weaponry, however we had a hard enough time as it is finding food with just the seven of us. I woke up from my nap of a sleep and dragged my feet over to the fire. The other boys were there and it seemed as though they were in a bit of an argument. As a approached I heard James talking about making a boat to trying to find land. Most of the others expressed concern.
    “But how would we make it float? Have you made a boat before?” George asked.
    “Yes and how far do you expect to go?” Chimed in Bernard, always the voice of reason.
    “Well I dunno!” Huffed James. “But I’m not about to sit around and stay here forever, I’m going to find a way off even if it kills me.”
    This seemed to be good enough persuasion for Geoffrey, George, and Charles. The three of them set of to work building their ship. The three worked relentlessly and by evening their boat was complete. Although impressive it was no match for any expedition longer than going out for an afternoon fishing trip on a calm day. James’ eyes burned with the flames of pride. He had built his escape and was ready to set sail.
    “We’ll test her now.” He demanded.
    “Well it’s getting dark quick don’t you think.”
    “Pish Posh, we’ll make it a short test.”
    “I don’t think I’ll test it right now James, it’s not a good idea.” Said George, almost asking.”
    “Fine, coward we don’t need you. Anyone else coming or are you all too chicken?”
    “I’ll come.” Said Geoffrey somewhat reluctantly.
    Off James and Geoffrey went. I was personally suprised at how well the boat set sail, but it wouldn’t be for long. Suddenly a strong wind came in, the waves became deep and darker by the minute as the sun slowly disappeared. The boat rocked violently and picked up speed heading south, directly for a coral reef. Piggy jumped in first, the rest of us followed. We frantically swam towards the boat. Piggy reached it first attempting to hold the boat steady This made it tip and in a violent frenzy, the boat, its passengers, and Piggy crashed into the coral reef. Georffey hit his head on a rock, a stream of crimson liquid tricked down his neck dripping into the ocean. We swam closer. Watching as the boys tried to frantically climb up the slippery rocks within the reef, cutting their feet and hands on the sharp coral and barnikles. I saw it first.
    “Sharks! Sharks! Boys get away quick.” I yelled so load that I could tastle blood.”
    It was too late. Three great whites jetted out the water as violently, and faster than a missile. A boy to a shark, each of them were devoured in an instant .

    • Pish posh! Sharks!

  16. Another day on the island, I’ve been waken up by the noise of the seashore as usual. I stood up with lazyness and starded to slowly make my way the lagoon. All of a sudden, I hear people yelling from a distance. My heartbeats went up and my body was froze, I understand how important it is to stay fully alert in the forest when ur alone. The yelling starded to get closer and closer until I realize that the voices belongs to our hunters. I can finally see a shadow approach me in a distance. I let down my gard both emotionally and physically. The shadow finally reveal itself, a wild boar. The boar look at me with ferocious eyes. I slowly move back step by step as the boar launched at me. I flew in the air for a solid 5 seconds before I landed heavily into the mud.
    Moments later, Jack and Robert catches up also some other members in the crew. People look at me with nothing but disappointment. Then there is this deadly silence.
    “This guy gotta go.” Finally, someone broke the silence.
    “We are short on food and supplies…..we should get rid off the useless ones”
    “yeh I agree”
    “Somebody gotta go”
    People started to talk and more and more people join in the conversation……
    Sunset, I slowly drift away from the island in my raft. No fear as i expected but only peace somewhere deep down in my heart.

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