Tuesday, May 16th

We discussed the SYMBOLS in chapters 1-2 and categorized these under the historical/political, religious/ethical, and psychological lenses.  We also noted the page references for these points.

Spend 5-10 minutes writing the next instalment of our fan fiction incorporating either a new group of survivors (just like the arrival of the choir), and/or a “beastie”(just like the “mulberry boy” mentions).

Here are the new arrivals:



There are only FIVE WEEKS left of English 11.  Please check the I-Reports list below and make sure that you are passing the course by handing in all your work.

I-Reports for those who are not passing.

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  1. On the third day on the island, with the sky brilliantly blue, the seven of us decided to walk around the island to explore. There were no available paths on the grounds of the forest, so we used our senses to venture deeper tree after tree. Despite the thick trees had blocked out the sunlight, we were all sweating buckets, as if we soaked ourselves in ocean water. Suddenly I felt a tingle in my nose, the smell of smoke had set off an alarm in my brain. Others smelled it too. Eric turned back and demanded accusingly at Geoffrey: “Are you smoking your cigarettes?!” Geoffrey was surprised, he held out both of his hands in confusion and yelled back: “I never brought a lighter!” Then I saw a hint of smoke peeking out from far away, behind the forest’s brilliant green. We headed towards the grey clouds
    The smoke brought us out of the forest, to a beach on the other side of the island. There we saw six other kids. They did not wear any shirts, but they kept their school pants on. They used some dried tree branches and built a fire on the sand. A wild rabbit was roasting on top of the fire by a stick that held it in place. The harsh smell of burnt wood disappeared from my nose, and the meat made my stomach roar. Geoffrey went to the fire and lit one of his cigarette. The kids stared at us as if we looked like savages. I never seen myself for two days, but I was sure I looked like somebody who came out of a cave.
    We introduced ourselves. I knew Jack and George from my class but I had to learn the names of the other few kids. There was one boy I thought was kind of strange. His name was Aldous, although he looked muscular, he always seemed frightened at something and always had his pocket knife clutched hard in his hands. Robert told me Aldous was the one who killed the rabbit, despite almost everyone else had a knife.
    I started introducing myself to Aldous, my starving stomach forced me to ask if he was happy to share his kill, but he shuddered and yelled at me: “Can’t you see the damn spot?!” his eyes wide, with his hands grasping the knife, he ran away. This was the oddest thing I have ever experienced in my life. Percival saw him running away and explained to me: “He has been acting strange all day, he first claimed he saw a monster with no legs and arms with sharp teeth; then he started quoting Shakespeare…”
    Edward from the far side of the fire interrupted: “Is Shakespeare the guy who died on his birthday?”
    “Yes.” I said impatiently, thinking about poor Aldous.
    “I knew it! I’m not that bad at history!!” Edward said proudly to himself, we all ignored him.

  2. After a while when the sun was set, I got really cold. Charles had goosebumbs everywhere on his body. “We should have build a shelt and make fire, before the sky turned dark” he said. “Good idea! We can mske a fire!” I answered and jumped on my feet. I looked in my pocket where I had my knife, which one I have everytime with me. I went to the first bush I found and cut domd brsnches from the bush. I took off the leaves and made a pile with all the branches. Than I took two stones and rubbed them on each other, until sparks were flying from the stones. Than one of the sparkd fell on the branches and started to burn. Charles grabbed some stones near the sea and put them around the fire, that it couldn’t get bigger. Than we laid down on the warm sand and aftef a few minutes I heared Charles snoring.
    On the next morning I woke up, because somehing tickeled on my nose. When I opened my eyes, I saw a boy with dark braun hair and very blue eyes over my face. When I sat up, I saw that there was an other boy who was sitting next to Charles. The boy was staring at Charles who was still sleeping. “Who are you?” I asked the boy with the very dark braun hair. “I’m Wilfred” the boy answered. “This is Bernard” he said and pointed to the other boy. Bernard had red hair, greenish brown eyes and he was super skinny. He also seamed older than Wilfred. “We saw the smoke and than we thought that we need to see if here are more survivors on this island, without of us and the others.” Bernard said. “We are on an island?” I asked. In this moment Charles woke up. When he saw Bernard he started to scream and jumped on his feet. He had fear in his face. When he saw me it turned a little bit better. “How many survivors did you already found?” I asked Wilfred. “We are five. And now we are seven.” He answered. “Come with us, we can bring you to the others.”
    We walked 20 minutes until we saw the camp where the others slept the last night. There were six tents out of wood and in the middle was a big campfire. When we arrived a boy with curly light braun hair welcomed us. His name was Sam. He showed us the whole camp and the tents. He also showed us, where we could sleep in the next night.
    At the evening all the boys assembled at the campfire. We ate the berries Geoffrey and Eric found. Geoffrey had brown hair and nice blue eyes. He smoked his cigarettes, which one he had in his pocket. Eric was one of the youngest boys at the camp. He had violet eyes and black hair and he had a Gaelic accent. All of the boys didn’t spoke a lot. When the sun was set we went to the tents and slept. Only Geoffrey stayed at the campfire. He wanted to pay attention this night for the fire.
    When I woke up at the next day, I heard my belly growling. I went out of my tent and saw that the campfire was out and all the others where still sleeping. So I went to the beach to see if I could find some stones, to turn on the fire again. When I found the stones, I went back to the camp. But than I saw smoke at the other side of the island. I let the stones fall to the ground and than I started running to the place, where I thought the smoke would come from. I hoped, that no one would be hurt and that I could stop the fire before the whole island would burn.

  3. I opened my eyes, and momentarily cringed from the sore radiating pain on my eyelids from the bright daylight. The amorphous clouds flowed ever so slightly towards the east in what looked like bulk chunks of cotton candy. For a full five seconds, I was completely mesmerized and transfixed by such a fascinating phenomenon. I casually glanced around and noticed that I was the only who had woken up. Suddenly there was a faint lingering smell of something burnt, to which I immediately associated its repugnance with the enormous fire. Bits and pieces were coming back to me in clear episodic memories. Instinctively, I stood up and stretched my neck as far as humanly possible, and looked out into the distance. Maybe it was partially due to my mild headache playing tricks on my eyes but I was certain I saw fumes of smoke. Though they were so imperceptible so I was unsure whether or not it could be dismissed as simply a visual hallucination. The scariest part of all, was whether or not we were totally safe from the island fire.
    Lying next to me, Bernard and Wilfred gradually began to wake up. Wilfred groggily rubbed his eyes. “Man, my whole body aches. What even happened?”
    “We must have passed out while trying to put out the fire. The excess carbon monoxide in the fumes was probably what caused us all to lose consciousness temporarily,” Bernard stated with such lethargy. Surprisingly, he started chuckling to himself.
    “Why are you laughing?” I demanded.
    “I just admire how the things we learned in school that we used to all hate might actually be the only knowledge we have right now, that may aid our survival.” More chuckling. “Dude would you look at this! Looks like excelling in chemistry class finally has a use to it!”
    At that point, Wilfred and I were too exhausted to acknowledge Bernard’s humour. We decided that the optimal thing to do right then, was to move as far away from the fire section of the forest as we possibly could. We walked for what felt like a million years, exploring the island as we went along. Farther into the distance, I saw two others walking towards us. I nudged both of them. “Hey you guys look, there are more people!” We were all nearly squinting, our eyelids converging so closely to the point that they were practically closed. When we approached each other, the two kids simply stared at us.
    “..Uh hello” I said awkwardly, with a tiny bow.
    The scrawnier of the two slowly formed a friendly smile. “I’m Edward.” He gestured casually to the other kid and introduced him as William, who responded with a tiny nod. Immediately, I noticed that in his pocket, he had a compass. “Woah!” I reached over and snatched it out. “Hey guys look, he has a compass! This can be of excellent use.”
    Edward frowned. “Well, not really. We don’t have a set destination so where is that thing going to lead us?” I considered his point. “Eh I mean I suppose in some ways it could, but I think in our case, it’s probably not as helpful as we’d like it to be. It would just arbitrarily point in different directions at different angles depending on how we hold it.” After that, we decided that the only useful tool we would need was Edward’s knife.
    We all headed farther into another section of the forest to hunt for a potential feast that we were all deprived of.
    As discreet as he was trying to be though, I still noticed that William looked as pale as a ghost. He continuously kept his head down, and occasionally closed his eyes for a brief moment. “Hey are you okay?” I patted him on the shoulder, and he flinched ever so slightly. The rest of the group also stopped.
    “You guys saw him too right?” William was shaking then. “What?” I asked.
    “That beast! You guys are kidding me right?”
    We all glanced at one another confusingly. “William, what are you talking about?”
    “Guys I know he’s in there. Can we please not walk farther anymore? Let’s turn back.” We all continued to stare at him, Edward was in utter disbelief.
    “You all are seriously telling me you didn’t see him follow us around? During when we were trying to put out the fire? You didn’t see him behind that tree branch? His face was half caved in and hollow! The eye sockets were distorted! His hands…oh, his hands…they were gnarly and drenched with blood.” William started crying of fear. I had a feeling it was going to be an especially long day with me and the others.

  4. I woke up the next day shivering, feeling famished and parched. I looked over to the pile of berries to see if there was anything only to see a pile of ants crawling around.
    “Oh, how disgusting!” I cried out, waking up Charles and Lewis.
    “You okay?” Lewis said.
    “I’m fine but I can’t say much for our food supply. We should go look for more food. I’m starving.”
    Charles, still half awake looked at us then closed his eyes again.
    “Charles, wake up,” I said, gently as possible. “Let’s go look for more berries. Aren’t you hungry?”
    “A king does not hunt for food, servants do it for me,” spoke Charles in a drowsy voice.
    “We won’t be too long I guess but I’m not making promises. Stay here,” I said, as Lewis and I walked away in search of food.

    We looked around the bushes to see if there were any more berries to be found. Although Lewis had a knife, there was no sign of wildlife yet so the knife had no use other than to cut branches blocking the path. As Lewis and I headed deeper into the forest, I noticed a musk thick oaky smell of burning fire wood.
    “Lewis! Do you smell that? There’s still other people on this island!”
    Running to the area of the scent, there camped five boys, Jack, Robert, George, Percival, and Edward.
    “Robert? Edward? It can’t be!”
    “Sam!” they both screamed, rushing to give me a warm hug
    “Lewis, meet Robert and Edward. They are my classmates,”
    “Nice to meet you guys,” Lewis said, with a warm grin.
    “Come and join us! We’re grilling rabbit!” said Robert.
    The rich aroma lingered around as my mouth began to water. I looked over to Lewis, both of us nodded with agreement,
    “Don’t mind if we do!” I cried.

    It felt good to have real food inside my stomach again. I was slowly drifting off to sleep again, till all of us heard a huge cry.
    Out came Charles, trying to catch his breath.
    “I…. got …. Scratched!” he shouted, showing us the scratch mark, blood oozing out slowly.
    “The monster.. I couldn’t quite see it clearly but it was huge and muscular, all black, and it stole my watch! It was like a shadow of some sort! I-I know it’s still out there…”
    “Charles, calm down” I said. “There can’t be any monsters here. The only thing on this island is nature, and us. Plus, isn’t the whole monster thing make belief?”
    “I know it’s real. You have to believe me.”
    “I’ll believe it when I see it with my own eyes. Come on, Charles, we have left over rabbit. Maybe that’ll keep your mind off things”.

  5. Backaches came upon me as I awoke and wished for a comfier bed compared to a creeper and branch infested forest bed. I missed my best friend Owen and its been two days since I found his watch on the sand. Tears rolled down my dry and dusty face as if it were holy water coming upon me.
    “Knock up boys, lets go and fill ourselves.” shouted Geoffrey.
    We dusted off the leaves that were used as blankets to keep us warm at night. Wilfred, being one of the youngest boy, was still alive and nice in his dreams, hence Geoffrey chopped up a coconut and poured its juice all over Wilfred’s face. It nourished Wilfred’s face but it was sticky and disgusting to have it everywhere. The juice was everywhere. It flowed into his pants, his ears, the forest bed and in his hair. “You’re an arse,” said Wilfred. Wilfred was furious, and his first instinct was to defend himself with his pocket knife. Obviously Geoffrey was taking it as a joke but Wilfred was infuriated and wanted to scare Geoffrey off. No one knew Wilfred had that in him, plus at such a young age.
    “Stop pissing around. You guys really shouldn’t be carelessly swaying your knives. What if you swayed it across someone’s eye? You guys know that we don’t have first aid or anyone of that bullock, right?” said Lewis.
    As Wilfred was thinking of the consequences that could occur during his unaccountable act, he slid on the cover of his pocket knife and slided it back into his back pocket.
    “Oi, clear off you lot!” exclaimed Bernard.
    “Since you boys are so keened to use your knives for self-defense, why don’t I teach you boys some survival and self-defense skills? Let’s put some of those knives into good use.” said Lewis, with having much experience of knives in the military he was in.
    “C’mon boys. Follow me. I know of this place that has a wide and open space to carry out our practice.” said Lewis.
    The area that Lewis brought us was just like every child’s playground. It was as wide and as open as a soccer field. Grassy and green, much like the field we had at Eaton. Flashbacks came upon me as I vivdly remembered the times I played soccer with my best friend Owen. Those were the good times right until England became a warzone.
    Lewis started off by coaching us on how to kill a wild boar.
    “The first thing is to take charge of the back legs and cut the tendon going to the back of the foot or the-” said Lewis and interrupted by Sam with “It is me or do you guys also smell smoke??”
    Eric, being in charge of the fire was instantly blamed by the group.
    “Bloody hell, Eric! What if our area was burned down to ashes?” shouted Geoffrey.
    “Rubbish! I’m pretty sure I cleared our campfire..” exclaimed Eric.
    “Oi, our campfire is towards South but the smoke is far North!” as Lewis discovered.
    In just matter of minutes, we see a number of young shirtless boys running towards the field.
    “This should be their play time, seeing the boys chasing after each other as if it was lunch time,” I thought to myself.
    I wore spectacles. I thought I was hallucinating. Was there dirt on my spectacles? I was devastated by the way a boy was running. Me and Owen were close friends, so close till I knew his style of running, even a mile away I would still know.
    “That couldn’t be Owen.” I skeptically thought to myself.

  6. As i woke up from a comfortable 2 day sleep, i had one thing on my mind, which was to make myself some breakfast. I dragged myself across the thick hot sand in search for anything to satisfy my hunger. The minutes went by like seconds, but as looked to my right to avoid the scorching hot sun from my melting face, I see a young man about my age or so, with red hair and very visible sparkling hazel eyes, so skinny that he looked like he’d been on a hunger strike for ages, but infront of him, appeared to be foods of all shapes and colours. I approached the man, but as i got closer, he still had his head down eating slowly, pretending as if i wasn’t in his presence. I suddenly stopped in front of the man and my everlasting hunger was quick to ask for some of his food. The man, without hesitation, got up and gave me a large, ripe pineapple. I grinned, ear to ear as the man suddenly stuck out his hand. “The name’s Bernard.” he said, “Bernard Hamilton Greseley”. I firmly shook his hand, “James Robert Dunsworth” i replied. Bernard stared at me for a solid 5 seconds awkwardly. He then said “follow me” loudly, so i complied. We approached a small hand made 8×10 shack. Behind it, was a started project, what looked like part of a large, hand made, wooden boat. “So are you with me or what?” Bernard replied. I quickly winked at him without hesitation. I knew this would become the start of something new.

  7. We all woke up under a big tree, the soil was wet. Wilfred had just come back with full of unknown fruits in his hands, smiling at us. I found a pile of red round fruits beside the trunk which looks like Wilfred woke up early to gather them for all of us. After we finished eating them, we decided to explore the island. Hours and hours passed since we started walking around in a deep forest looking for a path that leads us to the mountain top. Of course, there is no such a thing as a path, we are on an inhabited island, so we all pushed aside bushes to step forward. Luckily, three of us had knives in our pockets that helped us a lot to cut bushes. We are all exhausted and the sun starts setting. Shortly after that, Eric, one of the boys with a knife said: “oh, I dropped my knife somewhere. I had it a minute ago.” We are starving but we should not loose knife for survival. We decided to find the knife because Sam who seems to be the smartest one, says a knife is a key for survival. We searched for it for another hour but we couldn’t. We gave up on finding it and get out of the dark and creepy forest as soon as possible before we get lost. Along the way, Geoffrey realizes that Sam is missing. Six of us screamed:”Sam! We are here!” At that very moment, Sam’s scream echoed in the dark foggy forest and he ran as fast as he could towards us. We saw a huge dark shadow running after him, getting closer and closer to us.

  8. It was our third day on this island. The sun was beating down on our backs as some of us worked on building our tents on a firm foundation. The rest of us started a fire to cook the appetite-pleasing little pig that Sam and Wilfred had caught. The boys salivated for what felt like hours until we finally got to eat our brunch. Oh, so delicious and juicy!
    As we ate, some boys came towards us from far down along the shoreline. They first came towards us as shadows waving in the heat of the sand, then eventually caught up to us, who were devouring our meal on an old trunk.
    The mysterious gang were dressed in the same clothes as each other, uniforms of a private school. Some had nothing but their shorts on and their shirts partially tucked into their pockets, some were fully dressed, their shirt buttons undone. They all looked relatively fit, strong, like athletes of their school’s sports teams, football players, I would assume.
    “Me name is Jack”, said the one of them who had his shirt in his left hand. With a closer glance, I realized that Jack didn’t fit in with the rest of the boys. He didn’t have the same uniform and spoke with a distinct accent. By his outgoing nature, I presumed that he is the spokesperson of the gang.
    “This is George”, Jack pointed to an older-looking boy. “This is Edward with the hazel eyes, Robert with the brunette hair and Aldous standing behind me. Me mates haven’t eaten much for the past couple days and we was wonderin’ if you could share some food with us.”
    “What do we get in return?” I asked.
    “We promise, sworn on our mothers’ lives, that we will do anything you ask. All me mates can hunt; we got pocket knives we could use to serve you in any way.”
    I peered down the trunk at my school mates. Scattered shrugs went down the log. With a unanimous vote, I turned back to Jack, “have a seat and eat with us”. We shook on it and the pig soon became a pile of meatless bones.
    As we finished the last bit of the meal, Eric, seated at the end of the log, started sobbing.
    “What’s the matter?” Geoffrey asked with compassion.
    “It’s not safe here!”
    “Why do you say that?”
    “I saw a lion emerging from a fiery bush. He was mad at us.”
    Looks of fear spread to everyone’s eyes.
    “That can’t be true!” I assured the boys, “Eric is young, it was probably just had a nightmare.”

  9. The next day was met with resentment as the sun shone and an aching pain filled my body. Hunger filled me as I brought myself up, noticing that some of the boys from last night were no longer here. The sun made me feel like Icarus and his wax wings, brutally beating down on me, taking every ounce of energy away from my body. Ironic that such a day would be met with joy in London, but is now met with displeasure on this island. Thirsty, I dragged myself to the shade of the palm trees and continued my trek to the lagoon. After a journey that seemed forever, I got to the lagoon and surprisingly, there were some boys swimming that I have not yet met before. I drank first from the lagoon as the boys came of out the lagoon.

    ” Hello there lads, I don’t think I’ve seen you fellas here before! I’m Jack” I said.

    “Greetings Jack!” said a tall young man “I am James Dunsworth. Pleasure to meet you. Say are there any other boys on this island? We haven’t yet too see anybody other than you so it is quite a relief to see a fellow Brit on this island.”

    He was a tall fella, fit to be the leader of his gang of boys. All the other boys seemed to cower and to be scared.

    “Yes sir, there are fellow countrymen on this island. If we just make it back this way…” I replied.

    As we walked back, James and I chatted about school and the plane crash that got us here. He was a nice person, felt genuine when I talked to him. As we got to the beach, no boys were to be found, so we looked for them.

  10. After days in the Island, I heard a group walking through out the beach and they were trying to hunt. As I woke up I feel really hungry and starving and As I woke up and I see Jack walking. He was carrying something in his pocket and it was a tool to get food. I asked him. ” May I try to used that Knife” Jack said no ” I am using it to get some food.
    ” I said sorry” He replied to me and he said ” you should hunt for your self aswell” I replied to him ” Yes I should Do you think if I ask Aldous Alexander Ainsworth will help me hunt” He replied Maybe ask him. I asked Aldous! As I walked to talk to him I smell a bon fire in the morning and smelling the smoke. They were fighting and playing rugby.

    I was cheering and trying to get in and play however my I was still starving and I tried asking everyone if they have extra food but they didn’t answer. However Jack came up to me and he said ” come with me lets go to Aldous” I said ” Sure Let’s go”
    I saw George Charles with him and they were talking about football and I was asking Jack If we can talk to him if they have extra food and I see them talking a lot of the sport called football he must have a team back when he was in the Island. I asked George Charles Why he likes football so much ” He Replied When he was a kid he was watching and I was learning to how to hunt for fishes.

    Charles, Aldous and Jack teach me how to use hunting tool to get better and A guy name Robert joined us He was trying to learn aswell He said to me. ” I am not good at hunting however he was really brave.

    But he said He can learn everything so easily. He got 5 food for everyone.

  11. Waking up to the sound of the waves. It is now our third day but it seems like its been more than just three days. The days go by so slow. I look to my right and see Sam and Geoffrey cooking, what looks like to be a salmon that they caught. As anyone would be when they first wake up, I smelled the salmon and instantly went towards them.
    “Good morning,” they both said as they saw me walk up to them.
    “Good morning guys,” as I said back to them with my stomach making noise as I said that. As I was with these two, I wondered where everyone else was. Honestly though, what was bothering me was that I was starving. I asked if it they salmon was cooked already because the smell was just tempting me. They said in just a few minutes but I literally wanted to eat it right now. But the last thing I wanted was to have a stomach ache on this deserted island. As I waited for the salmon to be cooked, I told Sam and Geoffrey that I would go look for the others. When walking through the woods, I find Eric on a rock just what looks like drawing or writing. As I walked to him I startled him.
    “What are you doing?” I asked him.
    “Oh! Hey George. I’m just drawing what home used to be like.” As he said that I looked down at his drawing and I just felt bad for him. Being one of the youngest on this island. As I was about to say something to him, I heard a noise coming from the far left. It was someone or something that kept walking closer, and closer towards us. I told Eric to duck down near these bushes. I stood up just to have a quick glance and I saw what looks to be 6 boys just strolling around. I tried my hardest not to make any noise but with Eric right next to me, I didn’t know if he was thinking the same thing. As soon as I thought about that, Eric coughed a few times, and there was no way that the group didn’t hear him.
    One of them yelled out, “HEY! Whoever is there, show yourself!”
    Of course our cover was blown so we stepped out of the bushes and we told them, “please, do not hurt us” as one of them were holding a knife. They were nice enough not to as it looked like they were on the same plane as us. We all introduced ourselves and we all agreed to go back to where Sam and Geoffrey are at. As we were walking back, I saw that Bernard and Charles were back. They were in shock when they saw us and Charles asked if they were on the same plane we were on before it crashed. I replied to him saying “yes they were” and as the salmon was being served, they all greeted and introduced each other. Of course with me being hungry and all, took my piece of the salmon and just started feasting on it. As I was eating it, I knew that this would be the start of something new.

  12. I woke up the next day starving. I knew I had to find food, but my whole body was aching. Even though there were a few survivors stuck on the island with me, it still felt so lonely. “At least every day is a day closer to being rescued” I thought to myself.

    During my scavenge for breakfast, I noticed something moving in the distance. Thinking nothing of it, I went back to looking for food. As I continued, I tried to see who else was near. I saw about 6 bodies. No new survivors. Heading back to the camp, I saw the same movement as before, close to the wreckage.

    After eating some of my meal, I decided to investigate. Getting closer, I realized there was actually another batch of schoolmates that lived through the accident. I was now walking faster and faster towards the site.

    As I got closer, I recognized one of them as James Dunsworth. As he turned to face me, I saw the same look of recognition on his face too.

    “James?” I asked in surprise.

    “Hello Jack!” he exclaimed. “I cant believe we survived that crash” he said in disbelief.

    Leading him back to the lagoon, we talked about our different accounts of the accident and how we each managed to survive the last few days.

    “You wouldn’t believe how many others there are”. I said, trying to fill the silence. “If I remember correctly, there’s about eight or ten of us.”

    “That’s great!” he replied enthusiastically. “But what is there to eat here? I’m starving.”

    I was about to tell him he needs to find some food but then I remembered I didn’t finish my breakfast. Once we got back to the lagoon, I led him to where I was eating. Because it was still dark and early though, I couldn’t see my food.

    Looking around, I saw what I could only assume was a monster hiding in the trees!

  13. It had been a couple days. Our shelter was built and we were still adding to it, fruit and nuts were gathered, and we managed to have created a large pile of drift wood to use for fires. Geoffrey and I now had a bit of a routine, and although we didn’t talk much, or rather I didn’t, we were a functional team. Although upper class Geoffrey really was quite a kind chap, and I thought to myself as we walked that I didn’t really mind having him around; In fact could see us becoming friends in this crisis. We bonded over our desperate desire to return home, and we were both intelligent enough to survive as long as possible.
    We decided that today we would scope the island out, in order to find recourses and possibly another body of land near by. As we walked around the we drew out each new surrounding that we saw on my note paper. the first part of the island that were familiar with, and built our shelter on was the west end, it was made up of a sandy beach and forest filled with various fruit trees like, mango, banana, and coconut. we could see that the land was of a higher elevation towards the eastern end, and made of a moss covered rock. We advanced towards that. After about a half hour we came up to the foot of the small mountain. We cut through the forest to see if we could find an easier spot to climb up. What we encountered next was truly astonishing. A flowing river of fresh water ran down the mossy rock, cascading into a waterfall, and then into a beautiful lake dotted with white lillly pads, and teeming with small brightly colored frogs. A rainbow parrot flew by, as we simultaneously noticed an opening in the rock behind the water fall. The rock beneath that formed a ramp, almost manmade looking, and very inviting. As Geoffrey and I climbed up the ramp through the water and into the opening we started to hear a faint singing voice, nay, many signing voices. We followed this. What we encountered next absolutely amazed us. Our mouths gaped open as we saw three mermaids sitting on a rock, with a whole underwater city behind them.

  14. The sun had almost set. The seven of us decided to cut down a quarter of the fruit trees for wood and use the saplings harvested as tinder for the fire tonight. Charles, Sam, Wilfred, and Geoffrey were chosen to be the ones to beat down a tree since they all participated in athletic sports, and used large rocks found by the seaside, and the three knives some of the boys carried with them.
    By the time sun had set, however, many of them had grown tired after only being able to take down half of a tree. Without a fire, there was a large fear within the group that survival would be highly less likely.
    “Guys, we have about 10 minutes before the sun’s light is completely gone. If you get this tree down, you’ll get 50% more food share!” I tell them in a desperate attempt to get them to work harder.
    “Men! Do what you’re good for on this island!” commanded Wilfred.
    With what seemed like a simultaneous use of a performance-enhancing drug, all the boys swung with double the force and speed. The tree came crashing down while the rest of us, harvesting as many plants as we could find, watched the flock of birds flee away as the sky turned completely black with nothing but stars and a half moon in the sky.

    Our campsite was reignited using the spark generated from the blunt of two knives clashing against each other on the saplings. The boys sent to chop down the tree came back with the four of the carrying the log on their shoulders.
    “Nice seat there boys” remarked Bernard.
    “Nice idea there, Bernard” replied Geoffrey.
    In sync the boys tossed the log beside the campfire and broke off branches to feed the fire.

    Five minutes pass and I hear a rustling in the trees. The sound of the tree falling alerted another group of seven survivors, five of which carrying knives surrounding someone holding a torch made of a twig and one of the boy’s socks.
    “Over here! Join us!” I yelled, not thinking before I spoke.
    Bernard pulls me aside and scolds me.
    “What are you doing? They have literally more than double our weaponry! They could just take all we’re good for and run out of here, heck two of them are two hundred pounds!”
    The boy holding the torch steps out and approaches me.
    “Hello, my name is George Charles, and this is our group. Please, do not be alarmed, we only wish to join you all as we brought all our supplies with us as well.”
    “Please, have a seat. Boys, get off the log. It’s finally nice to see some friendly faces, just today I thought I saw a scorpion, but it turned out to be a thick branch from those bushes over there.” I tell him.
    The boys all put their knives back in their pockets and half of us go to sleep while the other half stay on watch.

    That night I thought to myself that maybe having so many people to share resources wasn’t such a good idea. If history taught us anything, including the war going on right now, it’s that revolutions can occur at any point, and that even those who are intelligent sometimes do not think for themselves, blindly following a leader’s revolt due to conformity.

  15. We searched and searched, but to no avail. One of us was missing, but who? Me, Charles, Eric, Geofrey and Bernard. The others must be back at camp, but who would have known if that were the case? I could clearly still remember what happened: We shared our daily rations, had a bit of a chat and went off the sleep, but when we woke up, the camp was nowhere to be found! To make it even worse, after walking around, one of us were missing. There’s supposed to be six of us, but who was the sixth member of our group?

    There was a brief silence, until Charles stepped forward, taking his watch out, and said “If we’re gonna find him, we better hurry. It’s already quarter past 8, the sky’s getting dark, and we’ve made little to no progress.”

    After searching around, but to no avail, we decided to gather up a bit of resources before continuing. Eric had the knife, so we decided to take turns lifting him up on our shoulders while he used his handy-dandy pocket knife to cut off some fruits hanging by no more than a slender stem from a nearby tree. After about 15 minutes, we had gathered about a small pile of apples. We shared 1 to 2 per person and continued to discuss our plans for tonight.

    We asked Bernard about the whereabouts of his baby bird, and thankfully, the bird is just small enough to fit in his medium-sized pockets. Eric had some paper and pencil, with him. Perhaps we could write a message on them and have the baby bird fly around and see who it can find. Eric, who seemed to be rather sad about having to part with his baby bird, had a bit an emotional moment. He was quite worried about his baby bird, so we decided to stay where we are and set up a fire while we wait; after all, there was no denying that everybody is just about ready to doze off for the day.

    Eric, again with his handy pocket knife, sliced off some thin pieces of wood and piled them up in the center of the circle the 5 of us made and added some scrap paper. Luckily, Geoffrey’s cigarette was still burning at the end, so we acted quickly and set the pile of paper and wood on fire, since he had no lighter with him.

    Moments later, a pair of kids we had never same before, showed up, panting. “Hurry, take cover!” they shouted. The two of them hid behind some trees and told us to do the same. We took cover, just as we heard hissing when, not a moment later, a trio of snakes had shown up. We quickly exchanged names; their names were Aldous Alexander Ainsworth and Edward James Farmsworth. The two kids, must’ve had been running as fast as they could from the poisonous trio when the spotted light or smoke from the fire we had set up earlier.

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