Friday, May 12th

We read some choice selections of the FAN FICTION you wrote and related the ideas to pp.1-13 of chapter one of Lord of the Flies.

If you have not written your FAN FICTION yet, you have this ONE CHANCE to catch up.  You must post your entry here no later than Sunday, May 14th.  From now on, you must post by midnight of the night before class or it won’t be marked.

If you have not handed in your PODCAST yet, please do so a.s.a.p..

Read to the end of chapter two for next class.



There are only SIX WEEKS left of English 11.  Please check the I-Reports list below and make sure that you are passing the course by handing in all your missing work.  All assignments from the Brave New World unit must be in by Friday, May 12th or you will get a ZERO on these.

I-Reports for those who are not passing.

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  1. I thought to myself: “it was just the beginning.”
    How long has it been since i fell asleep last night? I woke up with sound of steps approaching to our shelter. I couldn’t move myself to see what’s coming towards us because my back aches so bad. Last night when I was about to fall asleep, I wished to wake up in my warm clean bed and smell of pancake wakes me up, but it did not happen. As I moved my head to see what’s going on, a boy with beautiful blue eyes looked into my face and said “Are you okay? Glad to see you again, Owen.” It was one of the kindest boy from P.E. class, Geoffrey Abram Williams. He lends his hands as I stand up, and he immediately and gently wipes off the sand on my shirt and pants. His hand reminded me of our PE class which I hate the most, yet it also reminds me that he always helps me in PE class, just like he helps me now. I said: “thank god, you survived.” with my watery eyes. Everybody else was still asleep and I knew it was still early because I see the sun rising up over the horizon far away from the shore. Geoffrey told me to follow him to his shelter where he spent last night with Wilfred Charlie Smith who I cannot recall face. when we crossed shallow river to the other side, we saw tiny fish swimming against the flow. Geoffrey says: “We cached some them last night, but we couldn’t manage to build a fire, so we haven’t had anything since we were on the plane…” Shortly, we heard whistle behind us. It was Wilfred smiling at us. Geoffrey introduced us to each other. Wilfred shakes my hand friendly and said, “Let’s go find something to eat.” To me, it looks like he enjoys the survival on the deserted island while I’m confused and feeling anxious. I doubt if he lost his mind because of the accident. Suddenly, we heard someone screaming deep in the forest…

  2. I scan my eyes across the island to try to find other survivors, as well as possible resources we could use. My eyes fixate upon a small grouping of fruit bearing trees.
    “Over there,” I say pointing to the trees, “looks like there’s food we can eat for now”.
    An unknown voice was heard from behind a large rock.
    “Food? Where?!” the voice got louder.
    Who approached was Geoffrey Abram Williams who would be crowned prince if we were to get through this. His 18 year old body and natural athletic ability that allowed him to excel in his P.E. classes made his body crave for food.
    “Join us, we were just about to head over to the trees over there”.
    All of us exhausted, hungry, and thirsty headed to the trees with our heads held high, except Percival.
    “Why, why did we have to find someone like him?” Percival whispered to me.
    “What do you mean?” I questioned.
    “He’s going to be nothing but a hollow-legged resource eater”.
    I realized that maybe finding more survivors to be part of a group was not the greatest idea, and at the same time, that many people still are ones to think selfishly in an attempt to survive.
    “He might prove to be quite useful. After all, Thomas is only eight years old… He has the body of a greek god but still, the boy’s only eight.” I noted.
    As our conversation continued, I felt the suspicion rising in Thomas and Geoffrey as we were but 10 minutes on this island and already keeping secrets. Even though we all shared a similar goal of survival, I had a terrible feeling that our time here and our way off wouldn’t be smooth sailing.

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