Friday, May 12th

We read some choice selections of the FAN FICTION you wrote and related the ideas to pp.1-13 of chapter one of Lord of the Flies.

If you have not written your FAN FICTION yet, you have this ONE CHANCE to catch up.  You must post your entry here no later than Sunday, May 14th.  From now on, you must post by midnight of the night before class or it won’t be marked.

If you have not handed in your PODCAST yet, please do so a.s.a.p..

Read to the end of chapter two for next class.



There are only SIX WEEKS left of English 11.  Please check the I-Reports list below and make sure that you are passing the course by handing in all your missing work.  All assignments from the Brave New World unit must be in by Friday, May 12th or you will get a ZERO on these.

I-Reports for those who are not passing.

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