Wednesday, May 10th

We recorded our podcasts on Brave New World and The Matrix today.

Please post your FAN FICTION entry in the comment section below.

  1.  Spend 5 minutes writing about your first day on the deserted island.  What do you do to survive?
  2. Using the chart below, have your character meet other survivors on from the crash.  What resources do you have in equipment, knowledge and skills? How do you organize yourself into various survival tasks?  What needs to be done?



There are only SIX WEEKS left of English 11.  Please check the I-Reports list below and make sure that you are passing the course by handing in all your missing work.  All assignments from the Brave New World unit must be in by Friday, May 12th or you will get a ZERO on these.

I-Reports for those who are not passing.

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  1. “You’re not alone! ” I cried out…
    I walked towards him. His shape was familiar but miserable, I could not recall his name. As his image became clear in my eyes, my blood ran cold.
    He was covered in water and sand, one of his shoes were missing, there was a gash on his right arm, where his uniforms teared apart. Blood streaked from his shoulder to his palms. He recognized me first. “Alexander!” He cried. I gathered my strength and ran towards him. Still with no sight of his name, I walked up to him and hugged him like he was the last person I would ever see in my life. I never felt so relieved in my life. The sand and dirt from his clothes transferred to mine, but I did not care. He started trembling as I released him, that was when I saw the blood on my arms.
    “You’re bleeding!!” I gasped.
    He fell back and landed flat on the sand: “you think?”
    I started dusting off the sand on my clothes. Now there are two things in my mind: survive, and stop anybody from dying. I started talking seriously: “I’m gonna go find some food, First Aid, and see if anybody is around. You stay here and don’t move. Understand?”
    The little boy stared at me and laughed. “Yes, sir.” And he saluted with his left hand. I was surprised of his knowledge in my military interest, but I ignored his gesture and asked: “do you know the time?” He took out a gold watch in his right pocket and said: “noon.”
    I headed towards the forest. I wonder if me and the other boy would be the only ones alive. The dark green woods seemed to engulf me every step I took. Using my knife to scratch trailings on the trees, I went deeper into the forest. I found mushrooms and large leaves which I carried by hand. My science teacher has taught me to recognize poisonous mushrooms and berries. As his top student, I remembered all his words. I searched around bushes when I heard a fierce howl. It sounded like a bear. My hair flicked up as I started running as fast as I cold, hugging my founding like a new born child. Wind began catching up and licking my face full of sweat. After leaping over branch after branch, I looked back if anybody was following me. Then my head hit hard from something upfront, the force drove me back as I fell to the floor. Mushrooms, leaves scattered across the floor. The force knocked the opponent down too.
    I grabbed for my knife, ready to slash the opposing force with all my strength. However, what I saw in front of me, was not a bloodthirsty monster, but a red head wearing the same uniform as me. I recognized he was Bernard, who was in my science class. He was rejoiced to meet another survivor, and I felt relieved that I did not kill him.
    We exchanged stories. I told Bernard I was trying to find food and First Aid, since I saw an injured boy. Bernard immediately knew who he was when I told him the boy said something like “not fit for a King”. He was Charles, I have met him before in school, he had great leadership skills and he was very kind, despite having powerful parents. Bernard told me he came from the south side of the island, where he went into the forest to find food and got lost. A flock of eagles tried to attack his pet. In defence he made bear calls and scared the predators away. I felt quite ashamed I got scared of a pretended howl. I told him I knew the way out, but we had to find resources first. He immediately agreed to join me, he also collected dry wood and moss for a shelter this night.

    • Good work, Harran!

  2. With one last reach, I finally felt the warm soft sand between my fingers. I slowly dragged myself out of the water, letting my body bask in the sun. Soon, I stood up and started to walk. I’ve never felt this sore in my life. Each step felt like the hardest thing in the world. My vision was blurry but I looked around in attempts to see any signs of life. I tried to scream for help but my throat was raspy and dry. I needed water and I needed it now. After a bit of walking around, I soon heard rustling in the bushes. I tried my best to spew out words, “I-is anyone there?”. Out appeared two boys named Lewis John Alexander and Charles William Lancaster. “You guys survived too!” I cried out. Despite not knowing them, I had a big rush of relief knowing I wasn’t the only one on this island.
    “Great another mouth to feed,” muttered Charles. “ Ahem, nice to meet you. I’m Charles William Lancaster, future king.”
    “Oh nice to meet you. My names Samuel. Sam for short.”
    “Sam? Doesn’t sound very noble. You sure you and I go to the same school?”
    “I mean it’s Samuel, it’s just Sam for sho-”
    “Oh and this is Lewis. We were just on the lookout for any food. Tell me if you see anything, okay?” Charles walked away with Lewis behind him.
    “Wait!” I shouted, “Could I tag along?”
    “Thought that was already clear… Actually, let’s just head back. It’s getting dark,” Without anytime for me to reply, Charles quickly walked the other direction.
    In a clear area surrounded by trees, laid a pile of tree branches, a stack of leaves, and berries.
    “Sorry it’s not much, it’s what we have for now,” said Lewis, sitting on the log. “It was lucky I still had the knife in my pocket.”
    Charles sat next to Lewis and sighed, talking under his breath, “This island isn’t fit for a king…”
    “Well, maybe we’re not too far from a village? We’re in Australia, there must be some kind of civilization not too far from here.”, I said, sitting down next to them, trying to say it with the most enthusiastic voice I could to keep the mood alive.
    “Don’t think we’re in Australia…” Lewis said, grabbing a couple of berries. “These berries aren’t native to this country,”
    “Are the berri-”
    “Dear goodness! It’s 5 o’clock already!” Charles shouted, looking at his watch. “Why is it getting dark already?”
    He stood up and grabbed the pile of branches.
    “Give me a hand here. How do you make fire with this?”
    I had a feeling we were going to be here for a while.

  3. I was near collapsing from sheer exhaustion. Even the attempt of walking in a straight line required such ample momentum, the strained effort evoking a pounding dull headache. Realizing that survival was the only necessary goal, I suddenly felt that the physical pain was less enduring, and began walking through the coarse canopy of the greenery surrounding me. I gradually began to feel hopeless in thinking I could find help, and decided to turn back around, when I heard an abrupt rustle of sand, immediately followed by a faint groan. Sure enough, it was Wilfred. With an instant rush of relief, I sprinted across the bushes and cried his name off the top of my lungs. “Oh my goodness! Are we the only ones here?” Are you okay?” His jeans were torn so greatly, they were practically shorts. On his left cheek was an enormous half-crescent gash partially dried out. We embraced each other briefly before he pulled back and grabbed my arm. “Hurry, let’s find Bernard! I saw where he was!” Despite his prominent injuries, he bolted through the trees with remarkable agility, dragging me along. We finally managed to locate Bernard, lying tearfully near a tree trunk with Wilfred’s pocket knife. “I’m okay, but I believe the chances of survival are low.” He breathed a long sigh. “Assuming that air temperature near the ocean is unpredictable, it is likely… going to be freezing at night time.” He sputtered a cough. I quickly suggested that finding shelter in theory should be relatively easy considering the vast and random geographical distribution of the trees. The complication lies in starting a fire with the proper materials. We initiated a follow up plan that involved splitting up in agreement and separately finding flint and food and water. Even would arrive soon but we were determined to survive. There was about a quarter of a day left before the first day of “camp” awaits us.

    • *Evening

  4. I picked my sore and injured body up of the shoreline of the island. As I limped towards the palm tree greenery my mind slipped into survival mode. Seeing that the forest was rich in fruit trees, food was not so much a concern to me, so I decieded to focus on shelter. I picked up a stick and used it as a cane. Hobbling back and fourth from beach to forest I began to gather drift wood. On my third trip back to the forest I heard a russle in the trees. Startled I took my knife from my pocket and advanced towards the noise holding it out in front of me. Standing behind the tree was none other than Geoffrey!
    “Geoffrey!” I said.
    “Good golly!” Said Geoffrey clearly startled. “Am I ever happy to see you.”
    Now I was hoping to tackle this adventure on my own, as I do most tasks, but in all honestly my leg was likely badly sprained if not broken, and a extra pair of hands would be helpful. Even if it was his mighty higness Prince Geoffrey.
    “Are you badly hurt? What do think happened? Are the rest of the boys okay you think? How long have you been here? Will we get back? Where are we?” We’re among Geoffrey’s many questions. I simply shrugged to most of these or replied with a simple.
    “I dunno.”
    I didn’t like to talk much and besides my mind was on survival.
    “We must build a shelter, help me gather wood Geoffrey.”
    Georffrey abliged and we began to gather and then build a makeshift wooden tent of sorts that would do for now. Geoffrey and I sat there smoking and contemplating the crazy day. Exhausted we soon fell fast asleep.

  5. Lewis and I had built a little shelter for the first night. Our shelter was made of a few branches that we rest against a tree trunk, with leaves, grass and moss draped over the branches. Man, the night was cold! We slept close together to stay warm, but i didn’t sleep at all. I couldn’t help it! I couldn’t help worrying about how long we might have to stay on this island- what if we end up here for the rest of our lives? What if we don’t even make it through a week? With no fresh water to quench my thirst, We haven’t had any water since we arrived at this wretched place and i’m feeling defeated. I couldn’t stop thinking about my friends that had not survived.
    The sun finally rose after a long night. I felt dizzy as i crawled out of the shelter. It must be the lack of water. I stretched before the morning sun, its rays shining on my face when i suddenly heard a rustle coming from behind in the direction of the tent. Lewis was still asleep; it couldn’t have been him. No, it came from the bushes- yet another rustle! I hid behind a tree. i heard foots steps approaching the tent that Lewis was sleeping in. i peeked around the tree and who would’ve thought! It was Sammy, Wilfred and Eric!
    I ran out from my hiding place, “Oh my gosh!! You all are here!” I couldn’t help myself, i was filled with joy and relief.
    “Charles!” Wilfred exclaimed. “You scared us!”
    “I thought you were all gone!” I embraced them all one by one.
    “Bernard and Geoffrey are back at our tent, sound asleep. Come with us back to our place and let’s work out a survival plan”
    By now, Lewis was awake, crawled out of the tent looking disoriented. He eventually got his bearings and greeted the three other survivors.
    Lewis and I and the three went back to meet Bernard and Geoffrey. Geoffrey had a large cut on the side of his right foot but they were glad to see us. It was a comfort to know that there were more people on this island.
    Wilfred and Bernard immediately started planning our day. What do we need and who will get what.
    We regrouped after a few minutes of planning. I was partnered with Lewis to gather branches, leafs, and twigs to build a more sustainable shelter for the rest of the night. Sam and Wilfred will gather our food. Berries, vegetables and hopefully some protein too! But they will have to carve out some weapons for that hunting, which will be Geoffrey’s job. He can’t do much walking with an injured leg. So he will be building spears, traps and bows and arrows with Wilfred’s knife would be the perfect job for him to do. Sammy says he will bring back some pieces of wood and materials for Geoffrey to work on before he starts gathering food with Wilfred. Bernard and Eric will explore the island, find out what resources we have, and where they are. Most importantly we need to know where we can find water as soon as possible. If they find it soon, we would have hopes of survival and Lewis and I could start building our shelter in the right place that is close to the water and food resources.

  6. That awful, awful, awful sound of the harmonica blaring in the serene air of the island, oh how so much I wanted so much to snap it in half to end that agonizing sound… Percival supposedly is good at music, but is awful on that harmonic… And thinking of it, what good is a damned harmonica going to do on this island anyway? March the wild pigs to the slaughter like the Pied Piper? Play a jolly ol’ marching song to our deaths? All these smart, golden boys, stuck up snobs, smart at school kids are now worth nothing at all on this pathetic island. All these kids sitting around with no experience on how to take care of themselves, never having to think for themselves. I could not take the sound of the harmonic anymore. I left the group with Geoffrey to gather firewood, knowing that he would have matches with his aura bearing the strong smell of cigarettes. Geoffrey was too one of them, but he was different. He was kind, caring, and so far put others before himself. We returned to the boys after getting a handful of firewood. Percival stopped playing his harmonic and we started a fire to keep warm. With the sunset quickly setting, there was not much to do but sit beside the fire. Geoffrey offered a cigarette, I gladly accepted, but knowing the cigarettes are in a finite supply and that stress is not, I did not know what to expect of the future on this island.

  7. That gruesome tone from the harmonica echoed through the empty sky as I tried to drift away from reality to imaginary. Thoughts came to my mind that the one blowing couldn’t be Percival. Percival was musical enough to carry a harmonica. Wasn’t Percival made to make music, counting the number of music classes he took the past 16 years of his life? A thought came to my mind if Percival was so musically tuned in his life, how could he be out of tune now? After days of being on a foreign land, I came to my senses that if Percival became so musically declined, what is to become of us? What would we have become after several weeks on a remote island? Death slowly but constantly kept reoccurring in my mind. Who will die first? Will it be me? Time passes by and the thought of death could not leave me. I stood up with the intent of leaving the group to ponder on my presence on this remote island. Soon enough, my stomach growled. I was hoping that it would growl once and I would get over it, but no, it kept growling and growling and wouldn’t stop. I knew that sooner or later, we would have to hunt and kill for food. We can’t survive just by eating berries. I walked back to the campsite while having in mind to build boats and make arrows to hunt first thing tomorrow, thus I approached Sam and Eric. Eric being the only one that is good at workshop and his hobby is sailing and carving, I must think he should know a thing or two about building boats and carving arrows. Sam, on the other hand, has a hobby of sailing and is good at Biology, hence I should know that he knows which animal is meant to be eaten and which aren’t, plus, he rows, and that could really benefit us when we go out to fish. We conjoined our minds and gathered ideas to strategically and efficiently hunt. Eric said that a particular kind of wood he saw when he awoke, is effective and foolproof to hunt animals. We were thinking of gathering those the first thing tomorrow.

  8. “You are not alone”, I cried out. I ran to the boy, who was wearing the same uniform than me. He looked discustedlyat his clothes down, who were wet and full of sand. “I’m Charles William Lancaster! How could this happen? To me?! The future king!” Said the boy and drag a slimy alga out of his blond hair. “And my hair! Everything is ruined!” He started crying. I stood infront of the future king and couldn’t move. I starred at him while he was taking his clothes off and beat them until the sand was away. Than he put his clothes on again. “What? Why are you staring at me? Do I have something in my face” he said huffily. “The king” I repeated. “The king …” Charles did not come on it. He asked instead: “Do you know if someone else than us is here? And do you know where we are?” I shook my heat. “Perfect!” Grumbled he and walked through me to the beach. I followed him. “We need to find out where we are and if here are other people.” Charles said. After a while sitting next to each other in the warm sand, I asked him “Do you remember what happened? Why we are here?” Charles didn’t answer and looked to his feet. But I could see in his face that he remembered everything, the same thsn me. And he was also shocked and afraid, that maybe we need to stay here forever.

  9. “Hello? Sir wake up! Can you hear me? Sir wake up!” Someone is talking to me, ugh this voice is so familiar… but who?! I struggled so hard to open my eyes just to figure out what is happening. After seconds of blurry images flashing through my eyes I’m back to the darkness.
    Finally, I open my eyes once again, luckily this time i didn’t past out right away… It’s night time, I can hear the branches cracking up in the fire. As I drag myself out of the bed the familiar voice hit me once again. ” Here, let me help you.” I looked up and could not believe what I just see. I recognize the owner of the voice. The boy who’s trying help me is the future king! The future of Lancaster, Charles
    William!! I was left stunned and speechless until moments later, i finally calm myself down and accept the reality that me and the future king of Lancaster are trap on the same island. My thoughts were interrupt by the loud and heavy footsteps. A man approach us with dead squirrels in his hands, bloods dripping down his hands yet he doesn’t seems to notice it.
    “Oh yeah, he is future duke of the Lancaster, Lewis John Alexander.” Charles said to me. “Holy Moly!! this dude’s hella jack!!” I replied without thinking it over. Charles burst out a smile and said “He went out for a hunt, looks like he got something! Get ready for dinner.”

    • Mark, these fan fiction posts MUST be handed in by midnight of the night BEFORE class. Anything posted after the deadline will NOT be marked.

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