Monday, May 8th

We finished The Matrix and organized ourselves into groups and topics for the podcast. Please prepare what you will say and bring a theme song for the podcast recording on Wednesday, May 10th.

We started the Lord of the Flies introduction with the creation of an alter ego and a visualization of landing on a deserted island.  We will be using this scenario for a unit long assignment.  Stay tuned…


There are only SIX WEEKS left of English 11.  Please check the I-Reports list below and make sure that you are passing the course by handing in all your missing work.  All assignments from the Brave New World unit must be in by Friday, May 12th or you will get a ZERO on these.

I-Reports for those who are not passing.

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  1. Fan Fiction: DAY ONE on the island…
    Desperation and confusion are perhaps the most prominent emotions I felt as I woke up floating in the middle of the sea. The last thing I remembered was the fire starting up on the aeroplane, and frantically looking around for some means of egress.
    My throat was dry, my voice was gone, and my mouth tasted like salt. Everywhere I looked, I saw the same sand, sand, and more sand. My whole body ached.
    I felt sand on my face, and my clothes were all wet. As I stood up, I swept off the sand that was on my clothes and walked around to find my friends. As I walked along the shoreline, I saw debris all over the beach. I saw my best friend’s favourite watch and picked it up, but there was only one thing in my mind: to survive. I could only do that by creating a shelter, gathering food, and drinking water. I was quick on the hunt for these commodities for though I was surrounded by a body of water, I still thirsted. As I scouted the area in search of supplies, I heard a noise.
    “Now this is not a place fit for a king,” I heard him mumble to himself. It was a boy, thirteen years old with the same uniform as me.
    “You’re not alone! ” I cried out…

  2. “You are not alone” I cried out and ran to the boy. He had blond hair, blue eyes and he was way younger than me. When I stood infront of him, I saw that he was also wet and full of sand. And in his face I saw, how scared he was. “Do you know where we are?”, he asked me. I looked around and shook my head. He looked to the ground and sobbed. Than he asked me: “Do you think here is someone else than us?”. “Maybe”, I answered, “I think we should search for other survivors.” He only nodded his head. Than we started moving. When we walked a little while next to each other, he said “My name is Charles. And I’m the son of the king of Lancaster.” I looked at him. I couldn’t believe, that I walked next to my future king. Than I said “I’m Lewis, I’m the future Duke of Lancaster.” Charles was not really impressed of my answer. We walked a long time next to each other at the beach. No one of us said anything. Than Charles screamed: “Food! Those are fruit bushes! I’m starving.” He ran to the bushes and started eating. I followed him. With my pocket knife I cut big branches from the bushes. The red berries on the bushes tasted like nothing, but I kept eating. Than I heard someone screaming “Help! Please, help me!” I stopped eating and ran in the jungle, following the screams. I felt Charles breath in my neck while I ran. ….

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