Thursday, April 13th

We finished the novel today with a high powered, super capitalistic reversal of fortune.  The discussion will be invaluable for the in class essay you will be writing on Friday, April 21st.

Next class, we will wrap things up and continue working on the UTOPIA PROJECT, including looking at examples from previous years.


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  1. Favourite quotation from chapter 1-4.

    Page 56, Chapter 3, 2nd to last paragraph.

    “Go away, little girl…little boy! Cant you see that his fordship’s busy?…”Suffer little children,” said the Controller.

    This quotation is a biblical illusion to Mathew 19:14 (KJV)

    This quotation interests me because the Controller is seen as a Christ figure in this very hedonistic society. Also this quotation shows that the Controller has clearly read the Bible, which something that is forbidden and banned for the rest of the population.

  2. Favourite Quotation from chapters 7-8

    Page 132, Chapter 8

    “…but better than Mitsima’s magic, because it meant more, because it talked to him…”

    This is how John describes Shakespeare’s works. This stands out to me because the savage didn’t fit in anywhere, he was an outcast on the reservation, and couldn’t even relate to his own mother. Reading Shakespeare’s works basically shapes who John is, and how he sees the world. Although it separates him even further from society It gives him his own zeitgeist, a place to fit in, and enlightens him to things most people don’t understand.

  3. Favourite Quotation from chapters 11-12

    Page 157, Chapter 11

    “For the act of criticizing heightened his sense of importance, made him feel larger.”

    Aldous Huxley uses Bernard’s hubris attitude, after his recent success, to point out how people abuse power. Just days before Bernard was an outcast. He doesn’t use his sudden good fortune to put into perspective his success, or let it humble him that people are now paying attention to him, instead he gets high off of attention. He criticizes others, and uses others for his own personal gain, moreover he even thinks to himself that he`ll cut of Helmholtz for disapproving of his boastings. This is unfortunately very similar to many people who are in power not only in 1932, but in todays world as well.

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