Friday, April 7th

We worked through chapters 13-14 of Brave New World via our “corporate battle.”  There are only two more battles to go!  At the end of class, we continued working on a design for utopia.

Please post your favourite quotation from chapters 13-14, and comment on the significance of the passage. The deadline is midnight on Monday, April 10th.

Read chapters 15-16.


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  1. My favourite quote is from chapter 14: “Oh, God, God, God…” the Savage kept repeating to himself. In the chaos of grief and remorse that filled his mind it was the one articulate word. “God!” he whispered it aloud. “God…” (55)

    John turns to God not only because of Linda’s death, but also because of the reaction to her death by others around him. It is this reaction that makes him realize how inhumane this community is and what kind of people live in this “brave new world.”

  2. my favorite quote from ch 13-14 is “…[John] squeezed [Linda’s] limp and hand almost with violence, as though he would force her to come back from this dream of ignoble pleasures, from these base and hateful memories – back into the present, back into reality; the appalling present, the awful reality- but sublime, but significant, but desperately important precisely because of the imminence of that which made them so fearful. “(page204)
    John talks to Linda to wake up and come back to the reality. He again realizes how inhumane the “world state” is. He wants his life back in savage reservation where people get sad and mad but don’t solve problems by taking soma.

  3. “Don’t think of him.”
    “I can’t help it.”
    “Take soma, then.”
    “I do.”
    “Well, go on.”
    “But in the intervals I still like him. I shall always like him.”

    “…but if you knew how terribly queer he was!”(188)

    The dialogue is spoken between Henry and Lenina after rejecting his offer to take her to a feely.
    I chose this quote because I feel as though John’s beliefs of monogamy and love are starting to influence Lenina, even with her current life circulating the idea of sexual activeness. Even though Lenina grew up with the conditioning of the World State and also slept with whomever she desired, it seems as though the character is about to go through a dynamic change.
    However, earlier in the novel, Lenina is questioned about her repeatedly going out with Henry rather than switching partners. I think that it is quite possible that even with the conditioning of the World State, the innate desire of humans (at least, in this book) is that we want to be loved rather than just pleasured.

  4. ‘The murkiest den, the most opportune place’ (the voice of conscience thundered poetically), ‘the strongest suggestion our worser genius can, shall never melt mine honour into lust. Never, never!’ he resolved. (169)

    Even though John loves her and has the opportunity to have sex with Lenina, he stops and restricts himself in saying that he will not have sex until marriage. This shows how even though John is been placed in a hedonistic society, he still keeps his morals that he was taught since young. He doesn’t fall into lust even though it is so easy to come by.

  5. “Well, if that’s the case,” said Fanny, with decision, “why don’t you just go and take him. Whether he wants it or not.” (165)

    What Fanny just implied was rape as she said to sleep with him without his consent. When john refuses to sleep with Lenina, , Lenina was in disbelief as she has never been refused like this from anyone. Fanny insists Lenina to go for him anyways “whether he wants it or not” (165). In their society, people sleep with one another with no hesitations.” After all,everyone belongs to everyone else,” (37), That being said, Fanny had no idea what she implied.

  6. “The savage caught [Lenina] by the wrists…thrust her roughly away at arm’s length… ‘damned whore!'” (Pg. 170, chpt. 13).

    This quote appealed to me particularly because of how John’s vulgar and harsh expression directed towards Lenina clearly emphasize his shock at Lenina’s abrupt attempt of sexual stimulation. In other words, he is utterly horrified upon observing how the people in his idealized perception of a flawless world really behave, and reacts completely out of disdain. This also highlights the opposition between the two differing zeitgeists. Considering John’s violent outburst, it shows he is unfamiliar with Lenina’s world of euphoric pleasure and sexual activeness, as well as the excessive self-indulgence of relying on soma to resolve personal conflicts.

  7. “Then why on earth didn’t you say so?” she cried, and so intense was her exasperation that she drove her sharp nails into the skin of his wrist. “Instead of drivelling away about knots and vacuum cleaners and lions, and making me miserable for weeks and weeks” (168).

    In this quote, it shows Lenina kinda suffering because John didn’t tell her that he loves her, something Lenina has been waiting for a long time. Just when “she drove her sharp nails into the skin of his wrist” it really shows that Lenina is feeling fustrated and not getting what she wants. Reading this book, it doesn’t show much of characters feeling angry, because they end up just taking soma to take away the feeling. It’s a side that they have never really come across from, that’s why I picked this quote.

  8. My favourite quote was

    “Opening her eyes, she had seen his face – no, not his face, a ferocious stranger’s, pale distorted, twitching with some insane, inexplicable fury.” (194)

    because of how the Savage is criticized in “civilization”. The Savage leaves his society being an outcast to his society. When the savage is in civilization, he is compelled to it at first and likes Lenina. However, all the social activities and inclusiveness of civilization is actually driving the Savage making him dislike it. Even when the Savage gets Lenina, he breaks out in a fury, even though he wanted to be with her. The quote is also satirizing utopias. The Savage has all his needs met, but would rather go through struggle and pain to reach a goal.

  9. “The Savage stood for a moment in frozen silence, then fell on his knees beside the bed and, covering his face with his hands, sobbed uncontrollably..’can’t you behave?’ she [the nurse] said in a low, angry voice” (181-182)
    This quote is significant to me because the savage was weeping, as people usually would when they lose a loved one. In the World State, they condemn that behaviour. They condition children to be okay with death, to celebrate it, to embrace it as a victory for the community where overpopulation is a major problem. It is so morbid. Whenever, a person dies, it is celebrated because it takes away a number from the overpopulated civilization and the body produces a source of phosphorous.
    The sight of John weeping for his mother was a threat to the World State because the children were being classically conditioned to associate death with chocolate eclairs, a good thing. Seeing John weep would undo their conditioning, introduce them to the opposite of what they have been taught to feel when a death occurs. At one point, one of the kids insensitively points the butts of their chocolate eclair at the late Linda and asks “is she dead?” (182). Even more, they are encouraged to have fun with zipper hunting, the unzipping of dead bodies. It is outrageous; the exact opposite of John’s “civilized” expectations.

  10. “I wanted to do something first…….I mean, to show I was worthy of you. Not that I could ever really be that. But at any rate to show I wasn’t absolutely un-worthy. I wanted to do something.” (chapter 13)

    This quote shows John’s struggle with both Leona and himself. John likes Leona a lot, but his pride doesn’t allows him to do it. John wants to feel like he earned it, rather than just receiving for doing nothing.

  11. My favourite quote is “Violent Passion Surrogate. Regulary once a month. We flood the whole System with adrenin pg211.It’s the complete physiological equivalent of fear and rage”
    I choice this quote because in this world people control the people by flooding their system by some sort of drugs. But I feel it ain’t fair to control people and taking over their own system! Also there is no freedom on this situation.

  12. “Undoing all their wholesome death-conditioning with this disgusting outcry – as though death were something terrible, as though anyone mattered as much as all that!” (181)

    This quote shows how in their society, death doesn’t really mean anything to them due to everyone just being replaced soon after, and that no one really matters to each other. This mocks our society as when someone dies, we hold funerals to mourn and grieve the loss of someone who was important and close to us

  13. My favorite quote from chapters thirteen to fourteen was

    “Sweet!” said Lenina and, laying her hands on his shoulders, pressed herself against him. “Put your arms round me,” she commanded. “Hug me till you drug me, honey.” She too had poetry at her command, knew words that sang and were spells and beat drums. “Kiss me”; she closed her eyes, she let her voice sink to a sleepy murmur, “Kiss me till I’m in a coma. Hug me, honey, snuggly …”(170)

    I chose this quote because in this passage you can see the difference with the zeitgeists in between the Savage Reservation and the World State. In addition to this passage, Lenina uses sex as a drug and it helps her escape the broken society that is surrounding her and in addition to that, John the savage thinks that love should be a personal issue.

  14. My favourite quote from Brave New World is “But it’s absurd to let yourself get into a state like this. Simply absurd,” she repeated. “And what about? A man–one man.”
    “But he’s the one I want.”
    “As though there weren’t millions of other men in the world.”
    “But I don’t want them.”
    “How can you know till you’ve tried?”
    “I have tried.” (Page 187)

    This quote is a simple example showing what it’s like to not be able to obtain what you want. If Lenina truly loved John, she wouldn’t have gone out or slept with so many other men in the world.

    This is a challenge for Lenina, though, since she, like others, are conditioned in a way so that they make out with lots of different men.

    • The deadline is midnight the NIGHT BEFORE CLASS. Your next posting is due by midnight on Wednesday, April 12th.

  15. My favourite quotationfrom chapter 13-14 in Brave New World is “But he is the one I want.”, Lenina said.
    This makes it sound like Lenina’s desire for John is a simple case of wanting what you can’t have. If she really loved him, she probably wouldn’t be sleeping with “dozens” of other men.

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