Friday, March 10th

Those who did their homework earned $50 000 each for their corporation.  The moral of this story is:  do your homework, which for next class is to read chapters 7-8 AND to post your favourite quotation exclusively from chapters 5-6, and comment on its significance.

We discussed the remaining ideas from chapters 3-4 with the help of your posted quotations, and then we covered chapters 5-6 with our “capitalist competition” with “PLICKERS” AND “TODAYSMEET”.

As we did not finish everything that needed to be discussed, we shall do so next class.   Please post this BEFORE next class.  If it doesn’t appear immediately, don’t worry.  I have to approve it before it is posted


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  1. “–No, the real problem is: How is it that I can’t, or rather–because, after all, I know quite well why I can’t–what would it be like if I could, if I were free–not enslaved by my conditioning.”
    “But, Bernard, you’re saying the most awful things.”
    “Don’t you wish you were free, Lenina?”
    “I don’t know what you mean. I am free. Free to have the most wonderful time. Everybody’s happy nowadays.”
    I chose this quote because it represents how people in this world are completely brainwashed (conditioned) and also shows Bernard is isolated because he has his own conception of the world. This quote clearly shows that those people in State do not even have choice to feel unhappy.

  2. “I don’t know what you mean. I am free to behave the most wonderful time. Everybody’s happy nowadays” Lenina said (forcibly) to Bernard.
    It reflects the extent of ignorance that people have in their society of conditioning. Bernard thinks very critically of the society that they have and tries to explain it to Lenina. However, she doesn’t seem to bother trying to understand him, or even if she tried, she still might not have been able to understand him without the conditioned ability. Conditioning from birth can be very powerful.

  3. “A gramme in a time saves nine” (chapter 6 part 1, pg.89). I chose this quote because their world advocates people feeling happy all the time and so what Lenina is saying is when you take a gramme of soma now, it will ensure that you don’t get any more miserable and would have to take nine grammes later. That is what Lenina is basically saying in this quote.

  4. “I’d rather be myself,” [Bernard] said. “Myself and nasty, not somebody else, however jolly” (chpt. 6, pg. 77).

    This particular quote stood out to me because it implicitly refers to the predominant reason for Bernard’s ostracism. It also highlights his contrasting ideologies of happiness from Lenina and the rest of society, as Bernard believes that simply ingesting a gram of soma is an unreliable resolution to personal conflicts; and instead, people should have free will in shaping their identity through moral choices of their own. This links back to Bernard being an outcast considering that his intelligence and resilience to society’s conditioning clearly transcends those of his peers, often making him difficult to comprehend and cooperate with. In certain aspects, this quote relates to Kurt Vonnegut’s “The Euphio Question,” in the sense that while artificial happiness (in this case the soma) may superficially alleviate unpleasant emotions, there is not really an underlying satisfaction; which in Bernard’s situation, would represent his dilemma of not being able to express himself freely, as he states that he just wants to be “more on [his] own, not so completely a part of something else. Not just a cell in the social body” (78).

  5. ‘I thought we’d be more…more together here – with nothing but the sea and moon. More together than in that crowd, or even in my rooms. Don’t you understand that?’
    ‘I don’t understand anything,'(79)

    Bernard likes to spend time alone as he feels as if it is better to share quality time only together to bring a closer bond as oppose to being in a crowd. Lenina in the other hand doesn’t “understand anything” (79) he is saying. Being alone makes people like Lenina unhappy and the only cure to being happy is to take soma. Being alone helps you clear your mind and think about your thoughts which isn’t something Lenina wants. She associates being alone = lonely and believes sadness can be cured with soma. I found this quote to be interesting because of all the reactions Bernard is getting due to his differences. There is a line between him and others which make him an outsider. His opinion and views are often frowned upon since it is not considered a social norm. She also feels extremely uncomfortable when Bernard talks about the sea as she feels it is weird to see the extraordinary in the ordinary.

  6. My favourite quote from chapters 5-6 is “You can’t teach a rhinoceros tricks, some men are almost rhinoceroses; they don’t respond properly to conditioning.” This quote is on the third paragraph of page 88, chapter 6. Here, Henry uses a metaphor and compares Bernard to a rhinoceros. This shows Henry does not respect Bernard’s character because he believes Bernard is stubborn and ugly like a rhinoceros, and can’t do “tricks” like others. However, Henry understands Bernard is just trying to be himself, and putting force on Bernard will not help. This quote is also relatable to people in life. Talents can be made from hard training, but sometimes people need to be born with something in order for them to succeed. If you are not born with something, you should not force yourself to go against your own nature. Bernard does not have looks and beliefs of his rank, but people should not feel “odd” about him because it is not his fault.

  7. I chose

    “Orgy-pordgy, Ford and fun,
    Kiss the girls and make them One.
    Boys at one with girls at peace;
    Orgy-pordgy gives release.”

    This is a parody of the children”s nursery rhyme; “Georgy-pordgy,” which was written about George Viliers who was the first duke of Buckingham, and a major womanizer. It stood out to me partly because I read this poem when I was a child, and also because it basically describes the sexual nature of the society in “Brave New World.”
    Sex is used to prevent individuality and promote the idea that “everyone belongs to everyone else.” It is also used for fun, and one of the many things used to make people distracted from their problems, so that no real emotion is felt.

  8. Its in chapter 5 on page 84

  9. I chose “… every one works for every one else. We can’t do without any one. Even Epsilons… .”
    “Yes, I know, ” said Bernard derisively. ” ‘Even Epsilons are useful’!
    (chapter 6, page 91) as my favorite quotation from chapter 5-6, because this discussion between Lenina and Bernard shows that Bernard is not than everyone else. Bernard thinks in a different way and he is not happy with the society. He doesn’t believe in Ford than the others and he is not committed to soma.
    Bernard doesn’t feel free in his social body and he wants to share his thoughts with Lenina. But Lenina is committed to soma and she believes in Ford, than everyone else. For Bernard, the happiness he feels is not real, and he doesn’t want to feel it anymore. He wants to be an individual and he doesn’t wants to be like the others. He wants to be different.

  10. “why don’t you take soma when you have these dreadful ideas of yours. You’d forget all about them. And instead of feeling miserable, you’d be jolly. So jolly.” This quote is from chapter 6 page 79 and I chose it because, in their world, they never ever have to solve any problems anymore. The citizens have all been brainwashed and conditioned to love soma and constantly uses it to satisfy themselves. The main problem is that the people are enslaved by soma without even knowing and in result, causes human consumption, which ultimately is the absolute goal of the “so called” government.

    • If you want credit for this, you’ll have to identify yourself.

  11. ^ qweenee13 is sam

  12. “But queer that Alphas and Betas won’t make any more plants grow than those nasty little Gammas and Deltas and Epsilons down there.”
    “All men are physico-chemically equal,” said Henry sententiously.

    I chose this to be my favourite quote because I really liked the way the irony and the way the situation was satirized. As they fly over the smoke stacks where people are cremented, she finds it odd that the higher castes don’t provide more phosphorus when they are cremented than the lower castes. Henry replies that “All men are physico-chemically equal” and thus will produce the same amount of phosphorus upon death. However, even though that all men are chemically equal, the society is based on a caste system, where certain people are more important than others.

  13. “All men are physico-chemically equal,” said Henry sententiously. “Even an Epsilons perform indispensable services.” (chapter5, pg74)

    Henry points out to Lenina that everyone is equal also the ideal of everyone works for everyone else. Lenina then started to remember an occasion that happened when she was a little girl and finally comes up with a conclusion “I suppose Epsilons don’t really mind being Epsilons”. It shows they were being Brian washed since the moment that they were born and how it effects the way they think.

  14. “Don’t you wish you were free, Lenina” (79) I chose this quote because. One little mistake in there human manufacturing can possibly lead to there utopia being destroyed. Because i feel like Bernard will possibly rebel against them since he doesnt like the how they are dealing with there problems like soma, relationship and etc.

  15. “A gramme in a time saves nine” (pg.89) is my favorite quote. I chose this quote because the characters depend on soma so much to solve their problems, they even have a phrase they memorize and say it whenever someone isn’t happy or has a problem. Also, if you have a gramme of soma when your problem starts, then you wont have to take any later so they also use it as a preventative measure. The idea of a whole society addicted to soma is also bad because then problems get ignored instead of being dealt with.

  16. My Favourite quote of this Two Chapter is I’d rather be myself; he said my self nasty. Bernard talk about the problem in this book and also He is Trying to separate himself to society. Sometimes we always think Society Sucks…

  17. qweenee13 is sam, i posted another comment saying this yesterday.

  18. ”Obediently, with all the others, Lenina and Henry left the building. The depressing stars had travelled quite some way across the heavens. But though the separating screen of the sky-signs had now to a great extent dissolved, the two young people still retained their happy ignorance of the night.” (5.1.21)

    This reminds us of the passage in Chapter 6 in which Bernard tries to make Lenina look at the ocean.

  19. “I’m glad I’m not an Epsilon,” said Lenina, with conviction. “And if you were an Epsilon,” said Henry, “Your conditioning would have made you no less thankful that you weren’t a Beta or an Alpha.” (Pg. 64)

    It is a reminder how in their society that even though they have higher class and lower class, everyone is content with their class and are thankful for not being a different one, even if they’re the lowest.

  20. My favourite quote from Brave New World this time is “You can’t teach a rhinoceros tricks.” (Pg. 88) Here, Bernard is compared to a nasty Rhinoceros. Bernard was different than the others, because the alcohol in his blood surrogate while he was still in a bottle. I chose this quote because, while some people have disabilities and are not as good in certain areas, it does not mean that they can`t be a part of society.
    People with different ideas are what change the world and create new inventions that will change the way we view the world.

    It’s true that there are some people who won’t change no matter how much you persuade them or how much time you give them, but even then people like them will eventually make an impact on our society.

    Everybody has different talents and skills, so a perfect Eutopia is not possible, because if everybody were to have a predestined fate, and not be able to choose what job they would like to do, i wouldn`t be a Eutopia, because without freedom, there can be no happiness.

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