Wednesday, March 8th

We discussed chapters 3-4 and continued our “capitalist competition” with “PLICKERS” AND “TODAYSMEET”.

As we did not finish everything that needed to be discussed, we shall do so next class. In the “leave a comment” box below, post your favourite quotation from chapters 1-4 so far, and comment on why it is significant to you.  Please post this BEFORE next class.  If it doesn’t appear immediately, don’t worry.  I have to approve it before it is posted.

Read chapters 5-6 for Friday’s class.


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  1. My favourite quote in the novel “Brave New World”, is “We also predestine and condition. We decant our babies as socialized human beings, as Alphas or Epsilons, as future sewage workers or future Directors of Hatcheries.” (chapter 1, pg 6). I chose this quote because it talks about power, which allows people to miss the freedom they don’t have. In this case, such control is exerted through pre-conditioning.

  2. “And that is the secret of happiness and virtue – liking what you’ve got to do. All conditioning aims at that: making people like their unescapable social destiny” (chpt. 1, pg. 12).

    This quote is a personal preference because it clearly emphasizes the desire for dominance by the government in having control over the population. Additionally, it also exemplifies their different perceptions of an ideal society, in the sense that conditioning is necessary in order for the people to enjoy their predestined futures.

  3. My Favourite Quote in this Novel “Brave new World” is
    “We condition the masses to hate the country concluded the DIrector.”But the Simultaneously we condition them to love all country sport.(Chapter 2 pg 18) I pick this quote because everyone has their own favourite sport But this book they don’t have no choice to hate any sport. Also I pick this quote because sport is fun but in this book they have to be good in every sports.

  4. My favorite quote from Brave New World is “Words can be like X-rays if you use them properly — they’ll go through anything. You read and you’re pierced.”(chapter 4 page 70) spoken by Helmholtz. As he said, I agree that words are powerful because words(writing) can tell the truth and heal our hearts if we use it properly. yet can be harmful at the same time.

  5. My favorite quote from “Brave New World” is “Community, Identity, Stability” (chapter 1 pg 1). I chose this quote because. In order to have a utopia they needed to do these 3 things, but in reality its more like a dystopian, its very ironic.

  6. My favorite quote from “Brave New World” is “Bokanovsky’s Process is one of the major instruments of social stability!” (chapter 1 pg 7), because this quote emphasizes the entire idea between this modern civilization with the lack of individuality and with the Bokanovsky genetic engineering process, the population is made much easier to manage.

  7. My favourite quote from the novel is “Thank Ford!” From chapter 5, page 79’s second paragraph. Despite how short this line is, it is a parody of the colloquial people use today. It is also a Biblical allusion because “Thank Ford” sounds similar to “Thank the Lord”. This line is ironic because Ford did nothing to help Bernard in arriving to the celebration, nor knew anything about Bernard arriving late. Bernard is praising Ford for no reasons. The text makes fun of people with religion in the world. The text suggests many people credit their belief for something they achieved by themselves.

  8. My favourite quote from the book “Brave New World” is “The principleof mass production at least applied to biology.” on chapter 1, page 7. I chose this quote, because I believe this quotation shows how the story of the book will develop.

  9. My favourite quote from “Brave New World” is “I am I, and I wish I wasn’t;” chapter 4 page 55, becasue it shows the Bernard is self conscious, and that he is not like the person he wants to be. He wants to be/look like someone else, something that I can relate to. In some way I know what he is feeling about. Also I like in such little words in this quote can say much.

  10. “Everyone belongs to everyone else,” (34)
    I like this quote because in the situation the book is in, anyone can have as many sex partners as you desire. Not to say it’s a good thing (for some people it is) but it’s so unbelievably disgusting and even if you accidentally got someone pregnant, not to worry there is the legendary Malthusian belt to prevent it. So, being a character in the book, you can get away with your dirty desires and nothing can stop you from having things your way. Compared to the society we are in now, it is very different. One that thinks your body is not just yours but everybody’s and another that thinks your body is solely yours and permission should be granted before doing it is two very different opinions and ideas.

  11. “You all remember,” said the Controller, in his strong deep voice, “you all remember, I suppose, that beautiful and inspired saying of Our Ford’s: History is bunk. History,” he repeated slowly, “is bunk.”

    He waved his hand; and it was as though, with an invisible feather wisk, he had brushed away a little dust, and the dust was Harappa, was Ur of the Chaldees; some spider-webs, and they were Thebes and Babylon and Cnossos and Mycenae. Whisk. Whisk—and where was Odysseus, where was Job, where were Jupiter and Gotama and Jesus? Whisk—and those specks of antique dirt called Athens and Rome, Jerusalem and the Middle Kingdom – all were gone. Whisk—the place where Italy had been was empty. Whisk, the cathedrals; whisk, whisk, King Lear and the Thoughts of Pascal. Whisk, Passion; whisk, Requiem; whisk, Symphony; whisk… (34-35)

    I really liked this quote because of how Huxely shows the power of the Controller and how he is seen as through allusions. As the controller simply waves his hand to brush away some dust, the narrator compares it to whisking away ancient civilizations, whisking away Gods, and whisking away holy cities.

  12. My favourite quote so far in the novel Brave New World is “What man has joined, nature is powerless to put asunder” (Chapter 2). I like this quote because it points out how powerful humans mind can be. In the novel the director uses the phase to claim that nature can and may already have be conquered by science.

  13. My favorite quote is “‘Thats why you’re taught no history,’ the Controller was saying. ‘But now the time has come…’ The DHC looked at him nervously…’It’s all right,Director,’ he said…’I wont corrupt them'” (p.30).

    I like this quote because it shows that the propaganda has become too mainstream and history is deleted meaning the new recruits cant handle information on what the world was like before the setting of the novel.

    This quote is a reference to Henry Ford’s quote “History is bunk”. Because Ford is their idol, the workers never cared to learn about history or what it was like in the old world. On the next page, when the Controller talks about families, houses and other concepts, the workers are disgusted at the his description.

  14. “Talking about her as though she were a bit of meat.” Bernard ground his teeth. “Have her here, have her there. Like mutton. Degrading her to so much mutton. She said she’d think it over, she said she’d give me an answer this week. Oh, Ford, Ford, Ford.” He would have liked to go up to them and hit them in the face-hard, again and again. (39)
    This quote is significant because Bernard despises the fact that the boy is discussing about a women as if she was an inanimate object. Just a “piece of meat” or “mutton” when a women is actually more than just exclusively her body.This quote drew to my attention because this is already common in our modern day society. It shows that despite the vulgar comments people give, there are still people out there that understand how inappropriate these remarks are and how this is a problem.

  15. My favourite quotation from the novel “Brave New World” is “I am I, and I wish I wasn’t” (Chapter 4, page 64). This quote is significant to me because I can relate to this quite often, that sometimes, I just wish I weren’t myself but at other times, it may be different. Sometimes people just feel like they don’t belong somewhere and can feel left out because of their physical appearances or how well do they in a certain area.

  16. “Everyone belongs to everyone else” (40)
    It says a lot about the culture in this book, the culture of sharing their body. The system only functions on each other’s contributions to society. Everyone is equally important, even if they seem as useless as Epsilons.

  17. The quote I chose is page 37-38 (old copy): “…but a cat that could talk, a cat that could say, ‘My baby, my baby,’ over and over again. My baby, and oh, oh, at my breast, the little hands, the hunger, and the unspeakable agonizing pleasure! Till at last my baby sleeps, my baby sleeps with a bubble of white milk at the corner of his mouth. My little baby sleeps…”

    I chose this quote because, in context, it clearly shows how this alternate universe in this “utopian” society views our modern day world. Continuing the chapter reveals that the people in this society also see family as pointless. With this, it can be concluded that they have less values than we do, increasing productivity, which suits their hyperbolic capitalistic structure.

    • Who is shyepanda? You must provide your real name or how can I give credit?

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