Thursday, Dec. 15th

The Poetry Slam happened today ( 10 marks).


We will carry on with POETRY in the new year.  Have a great holiday!

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Tuesday, Dec. 13th

The last scene was presented today.

The commentary on “Fern Hill” was collected (see Dec. 2nd for details).

We then listened to some SLAM POETRY to inspire us for our own Slam Poetry Cafe on Thursday.

Ideas for your ORIGINAL SLAM POEM included:

  • a pop song turned into a sonnet (like the ones we read/heard in class)
  • a Christian Bok VOWEL poem (you can only use ONE VOWEL)
  • a rant from an object
  • putting two famous characters/people in an unusual situation (allusions)
  • a “how to” poem (“How to write a political poem)

Please bring a mug and a poem to read/recite.


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Friday, Dec. 9th

Some really amazing scenes were presented today!  Congratulations!

We went over what a COMMENTARY is, and the difference between an ANALYSIS and a SUMMARY.  Now that we have finished discussing “Fern Hill” by Dylan Thomas, write a BRIEF commentary on the poem.

  1.  What is the poem about?
  2. What is the purpose or intended effect on the audience?
  3. How is this purpose/effect achieved? (2-3 techniques, connotations… and what they contributed…)
  4. What is the structure of the poem?
  5. What reaction does the poem evoke in you?

I will be collecting these commentaries from you.


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Wednesday, Dec. 7th

We viewed and identified the MACBETH Sculptures (10 marks), and then we started the POETRY UNIT.

We worked through a poem called “Fern Hill” by Dylan Thomas through various activities.  We will finish up our discussion of the poem and our method of approaching poems next class after the SCENE PRESENTATIONS.


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Monday, Dec. 5th

We worked on the scenes you will be performing on FRIDAY, Dec. 9th.

Today was the only class you will be given to work on this.

We will be starting POETRY next class.


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Thursday, Dec. 1st

We wrote the MACBETH Test today.  If you were absent, you will write this the first day you return to class.

You will perform your scene on Dec. 12th.

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